April 18, 2024

SFDS Update #30 2024 (Week of April 21st 2024)

Dear Academy Community, 

During this time of year I always think of the story on the Road to Emmaus. In this story, we see the origins and the structure of the Holy Mass that the Church has celebrated for over 2000 years! Jesus is the Master Teacher. The way He teaches the disciples on the Road to Emmaus gives us a blueprint not only for what good teaching looks like, but also the basic structure of Christian worship—Holy Mass. 

The journey to Emmaus becomes a journey back to Jerusalem. But this time the disciples return to Jerusalem with a renewed sense of vigor and faith. They have been witnesses to the power of the Resurrection. They come barging into the room where the other disciples are and boldly proclaim: “The Lord is risen!” Their sadness and discouragement are no more. They have seen the Lord.

During this Easter Season, let us continue to journey back to the Lord and, in a special way, make sure we make time to join him in the Eucharist at mass each Saturday Night or Sunday Morning. 

See below some issues and topics that will help all be successful during the week of April 21st. 

Onto some updates for the days ahead….

2024 Card Paty: Tomorrow night is the big night. Our Annual Card Party is finally here.  Thank you again to all of our donors. Doors open at 6:00PM on Friday.  A special thank you to all of our volunteers and Card Party Chairs who help make this event a success each and every year.