Weekly Update #15 SFDS Week of December 20th and Merry Christmas

Dear St. Francis de Sales Catholic Academy Community,

Nativity scenes usually show Mary and Joseph calmly kneeling beside Jesus’s crib surrounded by adoring shepherds and tame animals. Mary and Joseph traveled in the last stages of her pregnancy from Nazareth to Bethlehem, a trip that took a few days to a week of straight travel.  On foot or by donkey, it was an exhausting journey.  Once there, they could not find a room at an inn and had to lay the newborn in a manger.  After a short time, the family fled from Israel to Egypt to escape danger.

The Holy Family had its share of pain and difficulties, much like our own experience.  Yet scripture tells us that Mary and Joseph found strength from their faith in God and were guided by His word.  We can do the same.  We tell our children that Jesus’ birth and the Holy Family’s escape to Egypt is further proof that God keeps His promises.  When we lean on Him, God promises to lead us to safety…

 The entire St. Francis de Sales Catholic Academy Faculty and Staff join me in wishing God’s light, love, and peace to each of our school families. May the love and peace that was born that night be with you throughout the 1`Christmas season.

We are so looking forward to next week as we get to do our annual Christmas Craft with grades PK-Grade 8 on Monday and Tuesday, come together as a school community in prayer for our annual Christmas Mass on Wednesday, and debut this year’s Christmas Show (we hope on Thursday 12/23). Please continue to follow all health guidelines as best as possible over these next few days.  


School Safety: Over the past 24 hours, there have been numerous posts on TikTok regarding a “challenge” related to violence in schools.  While there are no specific threats to any of our Catholic Academies or Parish Schools, Catholic High Schools, or other schools in the area, this may be a topic of concern for parents. Please know that student safety is always a priority and our relationships with the local precincts provide additional support as needed. As always, families should remain vigilant and consult with the administration and local authorities regarding any concerning behaviors or comments within the school community.


Terranova Results: We have recently received our Terranova scores compared to the rest of the schools in the Diocese I am pleased to say that across all grade levels and across all three components (Reading, Language, and Math) we scored above the Diocesan and Queens South Averages. To see how our students did as a school please click here to view those reports. All individual reports will be sent home within the week. 

A special congratulations to all students and teachers on doing so well on these Common Core Terranovas. 


½ Day and Christmas Recess: Just for planning purposes Wednesday 12/22 is a 12-noon dismissal. This will kick off our Christmas Recess. The school will resume on Monday, January 3rd, 2022. 


Christmas Parties: We are so excited to once again be able to have a small classroom party once again to celebrate an upcoming holiday.  Students in 1st-7th grade will be having a breakfast party on Wednesday 12/22 from 9:30 am-10:45 am before they attend our annual Christmas Liturgy. We asked each family to send in $3 a child for bagels, juice, paper goods, and a small treat. All money should have been handed to your child’s teacher no later than Friday 12/17/21. Any issues please let us know. 

 Students in Nursery-Kindergarten are asked to follow the directions of their teacher about the date and attire for their Christmas gathering. Students in Grade 8 are scheduled to have their traditional Christmas Brunch in the Small Hall on 12/22. 8th Grade students should follow their homeroom teachers’ directions in regards to attire. Any other questions about these small gatherings should be directed to your child’s teacher via email or SeeSaw.


Yearbook Ad Order Form: Family and Friends of the Class of 2022

We are now accepting ads for our 2022 Yearbook

Class of 2022 SFDS Yearbook Create an Ad Form and Instructions

Full page ad …$130.00

Half page ad …$65.00

Quarter Page …$35.00

Ads will be considered on time & accepted until WEDNESDAY, January 26th. *Late Ads will be accepted on 1/27 & 1/28, however, a $10.00 late fee per ad must be added to your total remitted.

Instructions for creating your ad are included above. 

We strongly suggest that Ads be created in JPEG format and emailed as a JPG file. PDF format/file is not acceptable


Strategic Planning (2022-2025): During the winter and spring of 2022, our school will once again go through the process of creating a strategic plan.

One of the first steps in this process is completing a SWOT Analysis of all stakeholders. Please see the link below.


 Please complete this by Sunday, January 2nd. 


What is a SWOT Analysis? “SWOT” is an acronym that stands for strengths, weaknesses,

opportunities, and threats. A SWOT analysis is a structured activity that a group can engage in

to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats facing them in any given area.


Why This Step is Important?

The Planning for Success SWOT analysis is useful as a first step in a planning or action planning process. The SWOT analysis activity results in a document that participants can reference throughout the planning or action planning process, ensuring that the plan they develop is appropriate for the school context and addresses identified weaknesses and threats. Even more importantly, participants can continue to refer to the opportunities they identified that an improved planning process offers the district or school. This list of opportunities can serve as a set of criteria for the planning process itself, and the facilitator can refer back to and revisit this list of opportunities with the team in order to ensure that the planning process itself is maximizing these opportunities.



Sibling Registration: Our school year is rapidly moving along. We can hardly believe that Christmas is almost here. As we begin to prepare for the 2022-2023 school year, we want to ensure that our plans maximize the benefit to your child/children. We have just completed a period in which our current Nursery and Pre-Kindergarten families filled out a letter of intent for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes for next school year. 

We ask that if you have any sibling (brother or sister) of a current student here at St. Francis who plans on attending St. Francis in 2022 as a new Nursery, Pre-K, Kindergarten or Grade 1-7 student to please complete the form by clicking here by Monday, December 20th. After that, we will be opening registration to the public in the Winter of 2022 (If space allows)

Please note we may already have waiting lists in Grades 1-7 for next year. Please note this intent form is for planning purposes only and does not guarantee your registration for the 2022-2023 school year.  

Nursery: For the 2022-2023 school year our Nursery Program will continue to be five days a week in two separate half-day sessions. The AM session is from 8:00am-10:50am and the PM session is from 11:35am-2:25pm. Our program is designed for children who will turn three years of age by Dec 31st, 2022 and who are toilet trained. As always we try to keep tuition as low as possible, yet we know tuition will be at a minimum of $5200 a year for next year. Final tuition rates will be decided in early spring once a budget is approved.

Pre-K: For the 2023-2023 school year our Pre-Kindergarten program is a five-day a week program that runs from 7:55 am to 2:25 pm. Our program is designed for children who will turn four years of age by Dec 31st, 2022. As always we try to keep tuition as low as possible, yet we know tuition will be at a minimum of $5200 a year for next year. Final tuition rates will be decided in early spring once a budget is approved. I am happy to announce that any family that has a Pre-K student with an older sibling in the school will receive a 20% discount on their child’s Pre-K tuition.

Kindergarten: For the 2022-2023 school year our Kindergarten program is a five-day a week program that runs from 7:55 am to 2:25 pm. Our program is designed for children who will turn five years of age by Dec 31st, 2022. As always we try to keep tuition as low as possible, yet we know tuition will be at a minimum of $5000 a year for next year. Final tuition rates will be decided in early spring once a budget is approved. 

As always, we thank you for your dedication and support to St. Francis de Sales Catholic Academy. If you have any concerns that we may address, please do not hesitate to call us or email us.



1/11: Class of 2022 Dinner Dance Meeting (Virtual) at 7pm

1/12:  Catholic High Schools Mail Acceptance Notifications to Grade 8 Students

1/13: ½ day with a 12 noon dismissal 

1/14: Faculty Professional Day (School Closed)


Have a Merry Christmas. There will be a new Weekly Update on Friday, December 31st.