Week of Sept 30th- Oct.4th

*Please return all tests promptly and signed, thank you!

Fundations: We will begin Unit 2; refer to the family packet that will go home in your child’s folder this Monday. We will begin to focus on tapping to read/decode/spell. We will also begin to highlight sentence structure (Capital letters in the beginning and punctuation at the end). We will also explore what it means to be a fluent reader (not pausing between words- “scooping” /”phrasing” as we read).

Fundations-Trick Words :the, a, and, is, his, of

Wit & Wisdom: Module 1; We will finish up our study on the text, Tomas and the Library Lady. We will introduce another text ; Waiting for the Biblioburro. We are still exploring our essential question :How do books change lives around the world?

Math: We will begin Chapter 2, we will explore “taking from” and learning the difference, as we begin a unit on subtraction.

Social Studies/ Science: We will be finishing up an in school project (focusing on where we live, and some basic map skills). We may have s short test on these skills early next week ( a review sheet will be sent home in advance).  We will begin to explore apples in a mini-unit in Science, as well as, the story of Johnny Appleseed.

Religion: We will finish up Chapter 3 on the Holy Family and begin to study Chapter 4.

Literacy Kits: This week in your literacy kit, you will find another book for your child to practice fluent reading. They should read this text several times over the course of the week. They also have a reading reflection report based on a higher level text that you read with them. The reading reflection questions mirror the type of questions we study in the Wit & Wisdom program.

New Sight words: to, three, he, is, with

Reading Read 15 minutes and add books to log
Math pgs. 73-74

Reading logs should be coming in for the month of September so you can start on a new one for October!

Reading Read for 15 minutes
Math pgs. 79-80

Comprehension Sheet due Wednesday

Wednesday********** (Half Day)**********
Reading Read for 15 minutes
Math pgs. 85-86

Reading Read 15 minutes
Math pgs. 91-92


Keep Reading!