Week of Sept.16th

Reading 15 minutes and add books to log
Math pgs. 41-42
Reading 15 minutes and add books to log. See Books in a Baggy.
Math pgs. 47-48
Reading 15 minutes and add books to log
Math pgs. 53-54
Reading 15 minutes and add books to log
Math pgs. 59-60
Books in a Baggy due Monday
Religion Test Tuesday Chapters 1 & 2; Your child will be bringing home their Religion book to help them prepare for their first Religion test. Read through the pages with your child and discuss the topics to help them prepare. 

This week in Fundations we will continue in Unit One. The children are reviewing the initial consonant sounds that they learned and hopefully mastered in kindergarten! In Wit and Wisdom we are working in Module Zero. Last week we read Wild About Books by Judy Sierra. This week we will be reading other books in which animals are the main characters. We will also be reading books in class and then will be sending these books home. These books will build fluency and also their sight word vocabulary. When they complete the 6 little books the children will be asked to work on a project which will be due next Monday the 23rd! These books should be added to their reading log! Everyone should be handing in a reading log by the 23rd!! We’re off to good start!!!!
In Math we are working in Chapter One on Addition! The children are already being shown various strategies which will help them solve a basic addition problem. We also have a word wall in our room with this week’s vocabulary such as “addition sentence” and “plus” and “equals” and “zero” and “addend.” We will be using these word in class so please do the same at home!!
In Religion we are working in Chapters 1 & 2 and will have a test on the 24th. The book will go home next weekend and a review sheet so that you see the format of the first test.

On Thursday September 26th we will be celebrating Johnny Appleseed Day!! The children will be asked to wear a red shirt with their khaki shorts! Might want to pick one up ahead of time!