Week of Oct. 7th-Oct.11th

*Please return all tests promptly and signed, thank you!
Fundations: We will continue Unit 2; refer to the family packet that will go home in your child’s folder this Monday. We will begin to focus on tapping to read/decode/spell. We will also begin to highlight sentence structure (Capital letters in the beginning and punctuation at the end). We will also explore what it means to be a fluent reader (not pausing between words- “scooping” /”phrasing” as we read). Fundations-Trick Words :the, a, and, is, his, of
*Test in Fundations Friday: students will have to write 10dictated words (CVC,: map, leg etc); 5 dictated sounds; and 2 dictated sentences with trick words (points will be given based on spelling, capitalization in beginning of sentence and punctuation at the end of the sentence).

Wit & Wisdom: Module 1; We will continue reading our story Waiting for the Biblioburro and fluency homework will be assigned every night.

Math: We will continue Chapter 2, we will explore “taking from” and learning the difference, as we begin a unit on subtraction. A quiz will be given on Wednesday reviewing lessons 2.1-2.5

Religion: We will finish up Chapter 4. A Religion test will be given on Thursday covering chap 3 and 4, books will go home to help prepare.
New Sight words: for, where, me, here, go

Reading Read 15 minutes and add books to log and hand out reviewing our first story from Wit & Wisdom
Math pgs. 97-98
Reading logs should have been in for the month of September so you can start on a new one for October!

Reading Read for 15 minutes & a comprehension sheet due Wednesday
Math pgs. 103-104 ;Quiz on Wed. lessons 2.1-2.5
Religion: Test on Chap 3 and 4 on Thursday

Reading Read for 15 minutes
Math pgs. 109-110 & Quiz in class; Fundations unit 2 test on Friday.

Reading Read 15 minutes, reading comprehension sheet due Friday
Math pgs. 115-116 ; Fundations test on Friday.

Friday: Keep Reading!