Week of Nov.4th- NOv.7th

Homework Week of November 4, 2019

Fundations Trick Words: you, your, I, they, was, one, said (same words as last week because we are still working in Unit 4)
Sight Words: this, too, her, eat, four, five

Reading Read for 15 minutes
Math pgs. 171-172
Religion Projects due this week
Read Scholastic magazine on bats at home. Science quiz based on the article on Thursday!
Reading Comprehension Sheet due Wednesday
Math pgs. 177-178
Veteran’s Day writing due Thursday
Reading Read for 15 minutes
Math pgs. 183-184
Social Studies writing on Veteran’s day due Thursday
Reading Read for 15 minutes
Math pgs. 189-190
Social Studies test next week on Veteran’s day and Election day (See Sheets) Read the Scholastic News article on Veteran’s Day to prepare and practice independent fluent reading!
This week in Fundations we will continue to work with the bonus letters s, l, f. Examples are words like cuff, tell, miss. In Wit and Wisdom we will be starting a new book called Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss. One that is certainly familiar to all of us!
In Science we will continue to learn about Bats. Last week we read Stellaluna by Janell Cannon! Great book if you’ve never read it with your child. Please feel free to send in any books about bats. I’ll gladly read them and we love putting books on display in our library!
In Social Studies we will learn about two special days. We will be talking about Election Day which is Tuesday. Even though it is not a Presidential election it is very important to teach the children about democracy. We will talk about Veteran’s Day and the importance of remembering our Veterans who have fought for our freedoms–including the right to vote this Tuesday!
In Religion we will be presenting our saints projects!! Looking forward to learning about so many different saints and how they lived their lives and followed Jesus.
Please remember to hand in reading logs. Don’t forget to get a library card!! It’s wonderful to visit your neighborhood library and have your child take out books each week! I tell them that I go to the Long Beach library every week and take books out for our classroom library!! Also remember to add the Scholastic News Magazines to your logs. These are written on their grade level. We read them in school so they should be able to read them at home!! Take a few minutes to color with your child and to practice cutting. Some struggle with this. Also practice their handwriting and encourage them to do their best.

Report cards are about a month away. We will be sending home a sort of progress report to let you know how your child is doing at this point. Academically you can check their grades on Option C! But so there are no surprises we will let you know if some children need to work on their behavior, listening skills, following directions and effort both in classwork and in homework. If your child has a 2 in conduct. This means that they have to be corrected, redirected and reminded numerous times during the day. A “2” means they are not meeting first grade standards. There is still time to improve in this area before report cards.
Reminder- There is no school Friday Nov. 8th 
Another vocabulary assessment will be coming up the week of Nov.18th, the vocabulary words are:
1. borrow 2. eager 3. imagination 4. migrant 5. inspire 6. remote
7. mobile 8. scholar 9. portrait 10. duck(verb) 11. scholar
12. landscape 13. signs 14. still life

November 11 th 2019 school is closed for Veteran’s Day!