Week of Nov.18th

Homework Week of November 18, 2019
Fundations Trick Words: See Homework Sheet for unit 5
Sight Words: catch, good, said, no, want, put
Please remember all tests must be returned to school the next day signed.
Reading–Read for 15 minutes. Add to log.
Math Do pgs. 205-206 and Test Wednesday Ch. 3 (See packet)
Religion Test Wednesday Chapters 5 and 8
Writing See Thanksgiving Sheet (Family Tradition) Must complete sentence starter and then add one more sentence.
Reading Comprehension Sheet
Math test Wednesday
Religion Test Wednesday
I am Thankful Project See Sheets (due Thursday)
Reading Read 15 minutes
Math no homework Test today
Writing See Turkey 2 pages. Write, Color, Cut and Staple
Book Report See Turkey (Due next Tuesday)
Reading Read 15 minutes (Work on Book Report.)
Math pgs. (See Homework Sheet)
Writing See Let’s Make Sentences Sheets.
Have a good weekend! Turkey Book Report due next Tuesday