Week of January 6th

Homework Week of January 6, 2020
Happy New Year! Welcome Back! Wishing you and your family all good things in the New Year!
Fundations Trick Words: why, by, my, try, put, two, too, very, also, some, come
Story Vocab: live, who, out, work, people
Reading Read 15 minutes
Math pgs. 271-272
New Year’s Resolution (See Sheet)
Reading Read 15 minutes
Math pgs. 277-278
Comprehension Sheet due Wednesday
Reading Read for 15 minutes
Math pgs. 283-284
Book Report (See Snowman Sheet!)
Reading Read for 15 minutes
Math pgs. 289-290
Martin Luther King (See Sheet)


Monday and throughout the week we will spend some time reviewing and also moving forward to new lessons. Let’s start with Wit and Wisdom. Presently we are in Module 2 Lessons 1 to 9 which we will review on Monday! Then on Tuesday we will begin Lesson 10 which is a new book called Me….Jane by Patrick McDonnell. It is an inspiring story about Dr. Jane Goodall. Jane devoted much of her life living among the apes in the African Wilderness. I have already been to the public library and have taken out many books about Jane Goodall. Please put these rainy days to good use and do the same. Looking forward to seeing how many children come to school with books about this amazing environmentalist! Does anyone have a monkey/ape stuffed animal! That’d be fun to get our lessons started!!
In Religion we will begin Chapter 11 which talks about how the Holy Spirit helps the church to grow. We will also attend 9;00 Mass on Tuesday. Always so nice to see everyone there!!
In Math we will continue working in Chapter 5. We will review all the strategies that the children may use in order to solve a particular problem.
In Fundations we will begin Unit 7. 
In Science we will start to talk about the Amazon Rain Forest which goes hand in hand with our lessons on Jane Goodall. Both deal with Africa and the importance of preserving God’s wonderful creations such as the rain forest and all the beautiful animals and their habitats!
So again looking forward to an exciting week!