Week of January 13th

Homework Week of January 13 2020
Story Vocab: down, there, inside, now, together
Fundations Trick Words: why, by, my, try, put, two, too, very, also, some, come
Spelling Words: the, a, and, is, his, of, as, has, to, into
Continue to work on Fluency Sheet due Thursday (Also Snowman Book Report due this week)
Math pgs. 295-296
Writing See Martin Luther King Sheet
Spelling Test Thursday
Reading Read for 15 minutes
Math pgs. 301-302
Comprehension Sheet due Wednesday
Writing (Parent’s H.W) due Wednesday (See Dove!)
Reading Read for 15 minutes
Math pgs. 307-308
Spelling Test Thursday
Reading Read for 15 minutes
Math pgs. 313-314
Enjoy the long weekend!
In Wit and Wisdom :We will continue reading about Jane Goodall! The class has certainly enjoyed learning about Jane! Please feel free to send in books or jungle stuffed animals this week, as we continue to learn about Jane. We will also continue practicing how to write an informative paragraph. There will be an assessment at the end of the week!
In Math we will work on related facts in Chapter 5. I suggest putting the basic addition and subtractions facts with numbers 0-10 on flashcards. We will be ready for a test sometime next week!
In Religion we will be working in Chapters 11 and 12.
In Fundations we will continue in Unit 7. last week we worked on the sounds of ing, ang, ung, ong. These are glued sounds. This week we will work with ank, onk, unk, ink. So far so good! I’d suggest asking your child how to spell words with these sounds. Such as ring, sang, hung, song, thank, honk, sunk, sink. Speaking of Spelling did you notice that we will have our first Spelling test on Thursday? The words are trick words from Unit 2 and Unit 3 of Fundations! Please study these words each night so the children are ready for the test on Thursday. It is so important for these sight/trick words to be read and written with automaticity.
As you know the the children will be off from school on Thursday and again on Monday. Please find some time to read each day!! Have a good week!