Week of Feb 10th, Catholic Schools Week!

Homework Week of February 10, 2020
Fundations Trick Words: say, says, see, between, each
Story Vocab: any, enough, ever, every, own, sure, were
No Spelling Test this week
Reading–Fluency Sheets due back
Math pgs. 383-384
Science Test on Penguins Tuesday
Social Studies Report on the Presidents due this week
Tuesday (No Homework!)
Reading See Fluency Sheet B
Math pgs. 389-390
Social Studies Test Friday on Washington and Lincoln (See Packets)
Reading Continue with Fluency Sheet B
Math pgs. 393-94
Math Test Chapter 6 after break (See Packet)

Happy Catholic Schools Week!! Looking forward to celebrating being a part of SFDS Catholic Academy. We are very fortunate to belong to this wonderful community! See everyone during the week!

We will have a class Valentine’s mailbox. Students may make Valentine’s cards for each other. We will distribute them on Friday!