Tuition/Fees and Financial Aid

2019-20 Tuition

By choosing to send your child to St. Francis de Sales Catholic Academy, you are choosing to meet the tuition payments. All tuition and fees should be paid in the form of a check or money order, not cash. Please put your family account number on all tuition payments. There is a fee of $20 for any checks returned for insufficient funds.


Catholic Affiliation
Every Catholic family must be “affiliated” with their home parish to receive the Catholic-Affiliated tuition rate. In order to be considered “affiliated” with your home parish, a Catholic family must be registered with the parish, participate in the worship and life of their parish on a regular basis and financially support the parish. The affiliation will be verified with the local parishes to determine whether a family is eligible for Catholic-Affiliated tuition.

Nursery (Monday/Wednesday/Friday)
½ Days (M/W/F)
Catholic – Affiliated                            3850
Non-Catholics—Non-Affiliated       4750

Pre-Kindergarten (Monday – Friday)
5 Full Days
Catholic – Affiliated                            4950
Non-Catholics—Non-Affiliated       6650

Discounted Pre-Kindergarten (for families with a child or children in K-8)
5 Full Days
Catholic – Affiliated                            4000
Non-Catholics—Non-Affiliated       5300

1 child                                                   4750
2 children                                            8250
3 children                                            10950
4 children                                            13350
5+ children                                          15150

1 child                                                  5550
2 children                                            8950
3 children                                            11650
4 children                                            14050
5+ children                                          15850

Tuition payments are due on the 15th of the month beginning July 15th and ending April 15th. A $25 penalty will be charged for late payments.

Book and Materials Fee, Pre-K to 8th
The fee is $150 for all students in PK to grade 8- Due on November 1st 2019

Technology Fee, K to 8th
The fee is $50 for all students in K to grade 8- Due on November 1st 2019

Security Fee 
The fee is $50 for all families in Nursery to grade 8- Due on November 1st 2019

Lunch Fee, Pre-K to 8th
$100 per family – due at re-registration in January 2020

Graduation Fee, Grade 8

$225 per student- due on March 2nd 2020

Re-Registration Fee, all grades
$75 per student – due at re-registration in January 2020

Regents Fee- Grade 8 Regents Class

$50- due by April 3rd 2020

FACTS Management

Since the stability of our school and the quality of its programs are of the utmost importance, we are always seeking ways to make improvements to benefit everyone. After much research and investigation, we have partnered with FACTS Management Company to help us manage our tuition payment program and financial aid assessment. FACTS is used by many schools locally and over 6,500 schools nationally. We are excited to be working with them and are confident this program will offer greater efficiency and financial stability for the school while providing convenience to families.

One of our primary goals this year at St. Francis de Sales Catholic Academy is to concentrate our efforts on improving the business side of our school. By taking advantage of the security and convenience of payment processing and information technology offered by FACTS, we remain committed to this goal. Tuition payments for the 2018-2019 school year can be paid online, by phone, or by mail. You may also sign up for auto pay as well. Only in an emergency will payment be accepted in the school building and/or rectory.

For those families that have an Invoice Payment Plan, each month, 20 days before your payment due date, FACTS will send you an email or mail invoice letting you know that your invoice is ready.  If you want to mail in a payment, you will need to log into their FACTS account and click on the Actions button and choose the Mail In a Payment link.

You will be taken to the Mail In a Payment Screen that has the 3 step instructions.

  1. Click on the Print link next to each invoice for which you will be mailing in a payment.  Print out the invoice(s).
  2. Cut off the payment stub along the dashed line.
  3. Mail the payment stub(s) and your check to:

FACTS Management Company

P.O. Box 2597

Omaha, NE 68103-2597

Any questions please feel free to call FACTS at 1-866-441-4637


Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for eligible students in grades K to 8 for those who attend a Catholic Academy or Parish School within the Diocese of Brooklyn. Families must meet financial eligibility requirements to be considered.

The deadline to apply is March 29, 2019, for families already receiving assistance and April 29, 2019, for new families.

Click on the following link to be directed to the application where you will find more information about Futures in Education scholarship programs. 

Apply Now 
FACTS is a third-party vendor, selected by Futures in Education to conduct fair and confidential financial need assessments for families that may need assistance paying tuition. To learn more about Futures in Education, please visit