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Fall is here !
Ms. Heather Killian
Welcome to Third Grade,  it is a blessing to be your teacher this 2019-2020 academic school year 🙂


Please be patient at dismissal.  Until I get to know the parents/caretakers, I cannot let them run off without making eye contact with the person picking them up.  Thank you for your cooperation.

***  If your child takes the bus home, and they are not taking it at some point, please make sure to send in a note.  If your child is going home with someone who is not on your list, a note must also be sent in. 


Water Bottles:  Absolutely, no METAL water bottles are allowed in the classroom.  Please send in a thermos or a plastic reusable water bottle.  Thank you!  

Students must always be in COMPLETE uniform. Please see handbook. Any questions, you may call the office. Shoes MUST be tied, and students must wear a brown or black belt.  Boys must have a short hair cut, and girls’ hair must be tied back, in a pony tail, bun, or braid.  

Bathroom and Nurse:  We are frequenting the bathroom and nurse way too much. I will never deny a child, but it should not become excessive.  Now that the weather is cooler, there is no need to drink an entire water bottle before 9 AM.  If this becomes an issue, I cannot have water bottles in the classroom.  They may get a sip of water when they use the bathroom.  
Many students have allergies.  Please make sure to give them what they need before sending to school, so they may have a productive day, and not ask to see the nurse all day long.  

Below is a list of our specials for the week…

Monday:  Physical Ed.

Tuesday:  Art

Wednesday: Spanish

Thursday: 9 AM Mass & Art

Friday: STEM

Upcoming Tests:

Math Unit 2 test will be changed to Thursday, Oct. 24th
Science Test:  How Animals Grow and Change will be changed to Friday, Oct. 25th. 

Week of 10/21 – 10/25:

***ALL students need to be in the winter uniform, including black shoes and belts.
***Students will need to have the appropriate sweater/sweatshirt for school.  I cannot let them out for recess without it, weather permitting.  
 Monday through Thursday, we are having a Used Book Drive.  If you have gently used books you can donate, you may bring them in.  All books are going to Ghana, to help school children.  
Wednesday through the following Tuesday is the annual Candy Count.  Take a guess for $1.00 to see how many pieces of candy there are! 
Wednesday – Annual Book Fair.  Students are going to the Book Fair around 11AM.  
Thursday, 11AM Rosary Rally.  
Friday – Noon dismissal.


*** Students MUST have 5 sharpened pencils each day.  They should NOT be sharpening pencils first thing in the morning.  It will be their responsibility to make sure they have 5 pencils.  They are aware of where they are in the classroom if they should need more.  

***  Students must write their complete name, first AND last on all work handed in, including a complete heading.  Starting next week, points will be deducted. 

Reading for 20 mins each night and reviewing multiplication tables every night is necessary for success ! 

Weekly Spelling Words:


Weekly Spelling Homework Choiceboard


Reading – Informational Text Chart:


Reading – Nonfiction Text:  This is an example of NON-fiction texts the students should be reading at home.



Monday HW:

ALWAYS bring in 5 sharpened pencils.   
Review your multiplication tables every night ! 
Math – wkbk pgs 129-130.  Use notes to help !
Writing – complete your Halloween story with edits.  
Science study guide will be due on Tuesday, Oct 22nd.  Students know they are allowed to take home the text books, which they are responsible for.  They should use their notes in their notebooks as well.  I remind them daily.  
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