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Below is a list of our specials for the week…
Monday: Art 

Tuesday: Mass & Spanish

Please check the Spanish Page for any assignments
Thursday: Gym
Friday: STEM & Art 


  • Read for 25 mins EVERY night!
  • Review multiplication facts/division facts EVERY night!
  • Girls, please have your hair tied back, in a braid or bun.  
  • Please check your take home folder EVERY day.  
  • Come to school with 5 SHARPENED pencils! 
  • Folders should be organized weekly
Week of April 29th – May 3rd 
** Reminder – Plastic water bottles ONLY.  
** 2 Colored pencils/pens for editing.
Math – Continuing Chapter 10: Elapsed Time and review of  Length, Liquid Volume, Mass, Time 
We will be solving problems involving estimation of intervals of time, liquid volumes, and masses of objects.  
Review the clock:  hour and minute hand, where the intervals are on an analog clock.
Using rulers (inches and centimeters) measuring cups, tea/tablespoons at home is great practice ! We will be referring to fractions using 1/4 and 1/2 inch intervals!
Vocabulary is very important.  
It is important to STILL review times tables each night.  Here are links to help review:
Literacy – We are finishing up Module 3, Unit 1 of Peter Pan (fiction). We will be exploring character traits,  point of view, opinion pieces on the text, dialogue, and heavily concentrate on context clues.  
Grammar – We will be concentrating on sentence structure, types of sentences and dialogue.  We will begin to learn how to diagram sentences; knowing what the subject, predicate, nouns, pronouns, verbs, conjunctions, adjectives, adverbs, articles are.  We will be using colored pencils for this.  
Writing – We are concentrating on editing and proofreading, and doing it more independently.  We will continue working on paragraphs, using topic sentences, details, evidence and closing sentences to complete 3 paragraph essays.
We will begin to discuss quotations, using information directly from the text.  It is so important that students are using editing skills, rereading their work, before submitting. 
Religion – 
Science –  We will begin a new unit on plants:  parts of plants, how they make food and use sunlight.  We will discuss how plants are a vital organism for humans to survive.  
We will be planting ! 
Social Studies – We are continuing our Unit on Ancient Egypt, exploring all the contributions to society, the Pyramids, as well as tying it in to our religion lessons.  


Homework For the Week: 

April 30th – Chicken Finger Day and Scholastic Book Fair ! 


  • Pencils MUST be sharpened.  No one will sharpen pencils before 11AM.  
  • No metal water bottles.  
  • If your child suffers from allergies, please make sure to give them what they need, so they can be productive during the school day.  If you have questions about administering meds, please contact school nurse.



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