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3A, 2019: A year of even more blessings and joyous hearts ! 
Below is a list of our specials for the week…
Monday: Art 

Tuesday: Mass & Spanish

Please check the Spanish Page for any assignments
Thursday: Gym
Friday: STEM & Art 


  • Read for 25 mins EVERY night!
  • Review multiplication facts/division facts EVERY night!
  • Girls, please have your hair tied back, in a braid or bun.  
  • Please check your take home folder EVERY day.  
  • Come to school with 5 SHARPENED pencils! 
Tues Feb. 26th – Candy Bar Sale Ends
Wed Feb 27th – Math Bee 
Week of February 25th – 1st
Math – Chapter 8: Understanding Fractions:  fractions are parts of a whole, as change/coins are part of a dollar ! 
Literacy -Continuing Module 2A, Unit 2: (lessons 10 – 13) Students will gather information, using precise and vivid words in their responses.  Students should be able to explain a topic by introducing it, use details/evidence to describe, as well as use a conclusion to wrap up their writing.  We will be looking at the rate of which the student reads, using punctuation correctly when reading, phasing groups of words correctly, as well as using expression.  
Grammar – Adverbs and conjunctions
Writing – working on paragraphs, using topic sentences, details, evidence and closing sentences to complete 3 paragraph essays.
We will begin to discuss quotations, using information directly from the text.  It is so important that students are using editing skills, rereading their work, before submitting. 
Religion –  (Seasonal Chapter) Lent: preparing for Easter / The Triduum (Three Days) 
Science –  Changing Environments
We we research how changes in habitats affect organisms, endangered species, extinct species, pollution, and how we can protect our environment. 
Social Studies – China:  Chinese New Year, Great Wall of China, Chinese culture, people and language. 



Homework For the Week: 




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