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The Advent season has begun;, We remember the birth of Jesus, and prepare for His message to be present and active in our lives.  It is a busy time of year, making plans, shopping, decorating, parties, etc.  Let’s stop and enjoy what this season really means, to be kind and live out the Beatitudes.  We think of all of our blessings, we think of others who don’t have all the luxuries we do, and we think about how we can improve our relationship with Jesus, daily.  Let’s pray this every day. 🙂 


Reading/Writing Choice Board 

There is a NEW CHOICE BOARD !!!! It is glued in their notebooks, and link is below ! 

This trimester, we are focusing on NON FICTION.  Please make sure they are reading nonfiction books for their personal reading to complete choice board hw.  The new board is pasted into their notebooks.  If they do not have their own non-fiction books they want to read at home, they are well aware they may choose from a plethora of books from our class library.  

Week of 12/10 – 12/14

Please donate an UNWRAPPED toy for our Toys for Tots drive.

Thursday is the Christmas Boutique @8:55 if your child will be shopping, please have money in the envelope with name on it.  

On Thursday, we will be going to our Penance Service in the afternoon.  We will be “examing our conscience,” this week to prepare, and better our friendship with Jesus!

Tuesday is Chicken Finger Day.

Friday is $1.00 Dress Down Red and Green/Christmas Pajama Day, charity fundraiser.  

Math – We will finish up chapter 5, review, and chapter exam is on Friday.  Take Home test is due Wed.  No lateness will be accepted.  Looking ahead:  We will be starting division.  Multiplications MUST be reviewed EVERY night. If they know their times tables, division will be a breeze!!!

Literacy/Writing – Non-fiction Bullfrog at Magnolia Circle;  Finding text evidence to help identify unknown words.  Answering in complete sentences, using correct punctuation and sentence structure.  The story can be found online and on Youtube, if they want to hear the audio.  The assessment will be end of the week.  Again, Literacy Assessments can not be studied, although they can review what main idea, details, supporting details, being able to explain, unknown words.  
Grammar – Adjectives and sentence structure

Religion – Advent & Christmas:  Test next week 

Science – We have been working on creating “zoo pamphlets” of an animal of choice.  Students selected animals they wanted and began research, finding specifics.( that is ALL in nb.)  

They received a “phamplet” which they will fill out.  We did the work in our notebooks first.  Students were to place all their research into science notebooks FIRST, before placing on the good copy.  Then they were to edit, and make sure they followed all instructions, even spelling words correctly.  They used their iPads for a lot of the work, along with conferencing with me from time to time to make sure they were on task.  
This project will be due on Monday, the 17th.  Again, MOST of this is done in class, and therefore the only thing necessary is putting the info onto pamphlets, and either pasting a photo of their animal, or drawing it, on the cover.  
After ALL the writing is done, THEN, they may color and decorate accordingly. 
If you have any questions, please let me know.  
Thank you !!!

Social Studies – continuing the animals of Australia, their government and flag. 

Daily Homework:

 *** IF you do NOT come to school with sharpened pencils, homework points will be deducted. 


Reminder!  $1.00 Dress Down, Red/Green Pajama Day ! 

Math – Chapter 5 test tomorrow.  Review, using notebook, end of chapter assessment, workbook, and take home test.  
Make sure you practice distributive property ! Answer word problems in words ! 

Reading – Read for 20 mins.  Complete text evidence/comprehension worksheet.  

Science – continue working on your animal pamphlet.  Due Monday.  No lateness will be accepted.  


Math – begin to review for your math test.  Take Home tests were given back, and end of chapter work was corrected.  Please review your challenges ! 

Reading – tomorrow we will take the assessment for Bullfrog at Mangolia Circle, lessons 1-5.  We will focus on unknown words, what the topic is of specific pages, main idea and key/supporting details, and using illustrations to help us have a better understanding of what we are reading.  We went over this many, MANY times. 

Read for 20 mins.  Complete Informational Choice Board (NON-FICTION) Row 1, choice 2.  

Grammar – complete page 77.  Use notes to help !

Science – you may work on pamphlet project !  (See above) 

Reminder, tomorrow is the Boutique.  Please use envelope that was sent home.  Please write child’s name on it.  Tomorrow is also our Penance service in the afternoon.  
Friday is Red/Green Pajama Day !! Please send in $1.00 donation.  



Math – complete workbook pages we started together for review, pgs. 293-298.  If it is a word problem, it MUST be answered in words ! This is review for test on Friday.

Literacy – Read for 20 mins.  Complete NON-Fiction Choice Board. Free choice tonight.  If it says paragraph, you MUST write the paragraph.  Please use your editing/proofreading skills!



Math – complete pages 291 – 292.  Begin reviewing for the test and know your times tables !!!  

Literacy – Read for 20 mins.  Complete NON-Fiction Choice Board. Free choice tonight.  If it says paragraph, you MUST write the paragraph.  Please use your editing/proofreading skills!

Science – please study!!  Use study cards, worksheets and notes to help !


*** Remember to read for 20 mins EVERY night, as well as review multiplication tables ! 


2nd Trimester Choice Board:




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