Summer Assignments and Supply Lists (2018-2019)

Summer Letter 2018 

While we are away from school during the summer we would love for the students to share their travels and new discoveries with us. As your family visits new places, send the school a postcard to share your experiences! This will give the students a fun opportunity to work on their writing skills over the summer. When we return back to school in September, your postcards will be displayed in the school. We look forward to hearing from you over the summer!

Please mail postcards to:

St. Francis de Sales Catholic Academy
219 Beach 129th Street
Belle Harbor, NY 11694

Any questions about any of the supplies, assignments, etc. please email

Have a great summer!




1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

6th Grade

7th Grade

7th Grade Science Assignment

8th Grade

This year we will be working with The Write Stuff to host a supply kit sale.

Go to and start shopping. Kits will be delivered directly to our school. Free shipping to school ends on July 8th. Any order between July 9th and August 1st will have to be sent to your home. If you choose the delivery to school method your child’s supplies will be in their classroom the first day of school. Please note that you can choose not to buy certain items from the list if you already have purchased or will purchase elsewhere.

The following supplies are not included in the school supply sale and would have to be purchased separately. Any questions please email us at

Nursery-Grade 8: Bookbags

Nursery: Lysol Wipes (Boys) and Lysol Spray (Girls)

Pre-K: Lysol Spray

3rd Grade: Tennis Balls

Grades 1-4: Pan set of 36 colors Watercolor Paints (Available on Amazon or at Michael’s)