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with Mrs. Powers


MAY 2021

First grade has completed Mother’s day projects. Please watch your Seesaw email accounts for updated posts. 


Grades 5 through 8 will now be expected to be signed on and stay with Mrs. Powers during their class periods. You should be prepared to be logged on the entire class period.  Please check google classroom and your email on your STEM days.  


Grades 3 and 4 are doing an outstanding job learning to code using the SCRATCH program.  Please ask your child about their work.  Scratch is available on any computer or ipad.  Your children are amazing. 

******************************************************************************************************************************************************Grade 1 is learning how to use the microphone tool and Grade 2 is using the cameras in  SEESAW.  We narrated a story about our Easter chicks and Grade 2 sketched baby yodas then took pictures of them.  Here are some of their creations.








Groundhog day is February 2nd.  Check out this information about groundhogs. This is posted in third and fourth grade google classroom.  Its a powerpoint about Groundhogs and then a follow up word search puzzle for the kids to work on.


Phils says seeks for weeks of winter, Feb. 2, 2021.

Staten Island Chuck emerged Tuesday to make his Groundhog Day forecast.

Staten Island Chuck says early spring. Feb. 2, 2021.





 I will continue to communicate with individual classes via google classroom(3-8) and Seesaw(K-2).  


Reminder for 3rd and 4th grade during Virtual Learning: I post your work in our STEM google classroom.  Please complete the assignments and submit back to me.  Parents:  Please know they have the week to complete during our SPECIALS block. 

I am also posting some fun stem challenges as additional activities for the students while they are home.  Please feel free to complete them and remember to take pictures and send them to me.


Grades K to   2 should open up their Seesaw program. 

Since we will be working from home this first week of December I will be posting work on SEESAW for grades K to 2 which they can complete during their STEM block in the afternoon.  All specials will be assigned an afternoon time slot and the students can sign on during this time and complete the assignments that are posted for them.  Please refer to the schedules that Dr. Scharbach sent home.  I believe STEM is on Monday afternoons for most classes.   


Grade 3 and 4

will receive their assignments from me through google classroom.  I will post work that should be completed and returned during the course of their specials blocks.  Please ask your children to show you their STEM google classroom page for all our activities. 


Grades 5 to 8 receive all their assignment from me via google classroom as well. 

We have been communicating all year and your children know they can email their teachers with follow up questions or concerns.   For this time of virtual learning in December 2020 I will not be live with your children. Specials will be placing assignments on google classroom and the students can work on them during the time frames assigned in our Virtual learning schedule.  All specials are assigned the afternoon time slots. 



During our STEM periods, the 5th grade is really focused on learning the functions of google classroom.  I am working on learning google docs and understanding how to create files, attach files, share files and learning how to use images and general knowledge of working with the chrome books. During  the fall I will be travelling to each classroom.  We are doing a great deal of technology since we cannot use the materials in my room.  The lower grades are working on their ipads and our new program SEESAW. 


Contact information for STEM

Mrs. Patricia Powers

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridays at St. Francis de Sales

718-634-2775 (office phone)








STEM Rubric

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