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Kindergarten was learning about creating potions. We mixed vinegar and baking soda in our beakers and learned about a chemical reaction.  The 8th graders worked with a compass tool to help create witches’ hats for the little ones.  The 6th graders used their chromebooks to do research on Constellations. “We then used pipe cleaners and marshmallows to create Constallations. Do you see “the Big Dipper” ,  Ursa Major or Ursa Minor in our pictures.  Great work by all. 

with Mrs. Powers


2nd grade had to cut seven strips of paper and then create their very own pumpkin.  









First grade is working on using gears to to create the first initial of their names.  Each student counted out 25 pieces and was working at their desks.  In another exercise, the students worked in teams to build a playpen for their puppy.  You can see their structures here. 






This year I will be traveling the building once again.  I will be assisting all homeroom teachers with setting up Ipads and chrome books the first few weeks.  Watch for updates via Seesaw for grades k-2 and google classroom for grades 3-8.  



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