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Welcome back to another terrific year of STEM here at St. Francis de Sales Catholic Academy.  We will continue to work with Lablearner workbooks as well as incorporating STEM challenges and technology assignments



******************Kindergarten is off to a terrific start.  We discussed the Fall Season and our love of apple picking.  We held an apple, smelled  an apple, and finally cut the apple.  We made an apple volcano and the students followed up with a worksheet titled “I like apples”.


Grades 1-4 will be receiving their first Lablearner books the first week of school.  The students keep these books in their classrooms until entire unit is complete.  Each book can take 6 weeks to complete.  

Grades 5-6 work with Lablearner in conjuction with Mrs. Norton and I.  We also introduce a great deal of coding and technology to this grade level.  

Grades 7-8 open up with units on Digital Citizenship.   They must have their chrome books in class and charged during STEM. 








STEM Rubric

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