Staff Directory

Administration and Staff

Principal: Dr. Chris Scharbach Ed.D –

Secretary: Cathy Kenny-

Secretary: Helen Endall –

School Nurse: Peggy Conroy

Bookkeeper: Marguerite Kazalski –


Content Learning Center: Margaret Buckley-

Nursery AM: Joanna Bodnar-

Nursery PM: Joanna Bodnar-

Pre-K A: Marianne Caruso-

Pre-K B:  Kelly Schmitt-

Kindergarten A: Mollie Kulhman-

Kindergarten B: Jeannine Stathis-

Kindergarten C: Margaret Cronin- 

1A: Judy Lindner-

1B: Michele Surgot-

1C: Abigail Loughlin-

2A: Trisha O’Malley-

2B: Danielle Gannon-

2C: Josephine D’Alessandro-

3A: Heather Killian-

3B: Danielle Farragher-

3C: Jenna Cavale-

4A: Laura Sullivan-

4B: Donna Varelakis-

5th Grade Math, Science, and Religion: Gayle Norton-

5th Grade ELA, Social Studies, and Religion: Patricia Attanasio-

6th Grade Math and Religion:  Marlo Fountaine-

6th Grade SS, Science, and Religion: Richard Diffendale-

6th Grade ELA and Religion: Nancy Re-

7th and 8th Grade Math and 8A Religion: Suellen Foti-

7th and 8th Grade Social Studies and 7A Religion: Maureen Hayes-

7th and 8th Grade Science and 8B Religion: Maureen Gigliello-

7th and 8th Grade ELA and 7A Religion: Ann McMahon-

STEM: Patricia Powers-

Physical Education: Randy Neiswenter-

Spanish Grades 2-6- Christina Troia-

Latin Grade 7-8- Dr. Chris Scharbach Ed.D –

Art: Gabrielle Mangano-

Guidance Counselor- Jennifer DiStefano-