Staff Directory

Administration and Staff

Principal: Dr. Chris Scharbach Ed.D –

Assistant Principal: Megan Faughnan-

Secretary: Cathy Kenny-

Secretary: Helen Endall –

School Nurse: Peggy Conroy

Bookkeeper: Marguerite Kazalski –


Content Learning Center: Margaret Buckley-

Nursery AM: Joanna Bodnar-

Nursery PM: Joanna Bodnar-

Pre-K A: Marianne Caruso-

Pre-K B:  Kelly Schmitt-

Pre-K C: Danielle Gannon-

Kindergarten A: Samantha Suarez-

Kindergarten B: Jeannine Stathis-

1A: Judy Lindner-

1B: Michele Surgot-

2A: Trisha O’Malley-

2B: Margaret Cronin- 

3A: Heather Killian-

3B: Danielle Farragher-

4A: Laura Sullivan-

4B: Donna Varelakis-

5th and 6th Grade Social Studies: Patricia Attanasio-

5th and 6th Grade Math:  Marlo Fountaine-

5th abd 6th Grade Religion: Elizabeth Meittinis-

5th and 6th Grade Science: Gayle Norton-

5th and 6th Grade ELA: Nancy Re-

7th and 8th Grade Math and 8A Religion: Suellen Foti-

7th and 8th Grade Social Studies and 7A Religion: Maureen Hayes-

7th and 8th Grade Science and 8B Religion: Maureen Gigliello-

7th and 8th Grade ELA and 7A Religion: Ann McMahon-

STEM: Patricia Powers-

Physical Education: Randy Neiswenter-

Spanish: Christina Troia-

Art: Gabrielle Mangano-


Gudiance Counselor- Jennifer DiStefano-

Special Education Services

Zoom Directions for Students Guide


Occupational Therapy

Mrs. Tonello’s Occupational Therapy Zoom Room


Speech Therapy (Google Meet)

Mrs. Fitzgerald’s Speech Therapy Room

Mrs. Meade’s Speech Therapy Room

Mrs. Gallagher’s Speech Therapy Room