IEP to IESP Conversion Process

If your child currently has an IEP and is attending St. Francis de Sales Catholic Academy, the IEP must be converted to an IESP in order to begin receiving related services. This document is called an IESP to distinguish that it was written for a child attending a private school. This is required by the NYC Board of Education.

The conversion from an IEP to an IESP takes place during a meeting attended by a representative from the CSE, a parent, and a representative from the school where you have chosen to place your child. The following is an example of a request for conversion. The parent must request the meeting in writing, and inform the school when the meeting will take place. The request should be sent to:

Mr. Chris Cinicola
CSE Chairperson
Department of Education
Committee on Special Education
82-01 Rockaway Blvd., 2nd Fl.
Ozone Park, NY, 11416

Example Request

Dear Mr. Cinicola,

I, (parent name), am writing to request a conversion meeting for my child’s IEP, as my (son/daughter) is currently attending St. Francis de Sales Catholic Academy, located at 219 Beach 129th Street, Belle Harbor, NY, 11694. The following is my child’s current information:

Child’s Name: ID# (found on IEP):
DOB: District: 27
Parent Names:
Home Phone number:
Cell Phone:
School: St. Francis de Sales Catholic Academy
219 Beach 129 Street
Belle Harbor, NY 11694
Phone: (718) 634-2775 Fax: (718) 634- 6673

Thank you for your time and your prompt attention to this matter.


Parent Name