Special Education

Special Education Guidelines

St. Francis de Sales Catholic Academy acknowledges and celebrates the wide variety of learning styles that students bring with them, and the Academy demonstrates its commitment to meeting the needs of all students by providing appropriate practices and services.

Research shows that there are many ways to help children learn and to ensure those who need additional supports are successful. The  are some guidelines that we here at St. Francis ask parents and providers to follow. These guidelines are as of November 19th 2021 and can be changed at any time. 

Special Education Guidelines

More Information

– IEP to IESP Conversion Process
Procedures for Requesting an Evaluation
Procedures for Requesting an Evaluation from the CPSE (Committee on Preschool Special Education)
Form Request for Section 504 Accommodations Parent Form
– Form: TACHS Test Special Needs Accommodations

For more information about Special Education please contact our Content Learning Center teacher Mrs. Margaret Buckley at mbuckley@stfrancisschoolbh.net