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Morning Announcement for April 20th 2021


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Frequently Asked Questions


Distance Learning Protocol at St Francis de Sales Catholic Academy (SFDS@HOME)


SFDS @ HOME Zoom Classroom and Class Pages

Zoom Directions for Students Guide


Seesaw at Home Tutorial



Mrs. Bodnar’s Virtual Classroom (Zoom Room)

Mrs. Bodnar’s Classroom Page AM

Mrs. Bodnar’s Classroom Page PM



Mrs. Caruso’s Virtual Classroom (Zoom Room)

Mrs. Caruso’s Classroom Page


Mrs. Schmitt’s Virtual Classroom (Zoom Room)

Mrs. Schmitt’s Classroom Page


Mrs. Gannon’s Virtual Classroom

Mrs. Gannon’s Classroom Page



Ms. Suarez Virtual Classroom (Zoom Room)

Ms. Suarez Classroom Page


Mrs. Stathis’ Virtual Classroom (Zoom Room)

Mrs. Stathis’ Classroom Page


1st Grade

Mrs. Lindner’s Virtual Classroom (Zoom Room)

Mrs. Lindner’s Classroom Page


Mrs. Surgot’s Virtual Classroom (Zoom Room)

Mrs. Surgot’s Classroom Page


2nd Grade

Mrs. O’Malley’s Virtual Classroom (Zoom Room)

Mrs. O’Malley’s Classroom Page


Mrs. Cronin’s Virtual Classroom (Zoom Room)

Mrs. Cronin’s Classroom Page


3rd Grade

Third Grade Virtual Classroom (Zoom Room)

Third Grade’s Classroom Assignments and Links


4th Grade

Fourth Grade Virtual Classroom (Zoom Room)

Fourth Grade’s  Classroom Assignments and Links


5th-8th Grade- Please note all Classes in Grades 5-8 Meet Via Google Meet which can be found on their Google Classroom Pages

5th and 6th Grade Schedule


7th and 8th Grade Schedule

Specials- Please note that all specials work can be found on your child’s SeeSaw (PK-Grade 2) or their Google Classroom (Grades 3-8)

K-4 Specials Schedule (Last Period)

**Activities in SeeSaw**


Mondays:                  STEM


Tuesdays:                  Art


Wednesdays:            GYM


Thursdays:                -Grade 2-4: Spanish

                                     -Grades K & 1: STEM


Fridays:                      Free Choice (Art, Gym, STEM)


Pre-K Specials Schedule (1:00-1:30)

**Activities in SeeSaw**


Mondays:         GYM


Tuesdays:         Art


Wednesdays:   GYM


Thursdays:       Art


Fridays:             Free Choice (Art or Gym)



Art Assignments 


Physical Education

Physical Education Assignments 



STEM Assignments



Spanish Assignments


Administration Virtual Meeting Room– By appointment only 

Special Education Services

Mrs. Buckley’s Virtual Zoom Room– By Appointment Only


SETSS (Zoom)



Occupational Therapy (Google Meet)

Mrs. Tonello’s Occupational Therapy Room


Speech Therapy (Google Meet)

Mrs. Fitzgerald’s Speech Therapy Room

Mrs. Meade’s Speech Therapy Room

Mrs. Gallagher’s Speech Therapy Room


Updated News

Please note that when the school building is closed our office phone hours will be limited from 7:30am-3 pm.  If calling outside of that time please leave a message and someone will get back in touch. 

To report a student sick or missing virtual learning please either email Mrs. Endall at hendall@stfranncisschoolbh.net or use the following form by clicking here. 


Ten Guidelines for Parent Support of Distance Learning (DLP)