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Brain Pop

Brain Pop Jr. or Brain Pop

Username: stfrancisq

Password: francis


Counseling Referrals (PDHP)

Referral List 


Education City (Pre-K-Grade 6)

Education City Login


Enrichment Centers and Grab and Go Lunch

Please complete this form for each child you are seeking to enroll at a Regional Enrichment Center.

Regional Enrichment Centers will be open 7:30am – 6:00pm Monday-Friday, starting on Monday, March 23rd. Children who are enrolled can attend anytime during open hours.

Regional Enrichment Centers are only open to children who are New York City residents, and whose parents/guardians are in certain fields noted below (initially: health care, FDNY, NYPD, OEM and some NYCTA roles). You will receive confirmation of your enrollment status and next steps shortly.

As enrollment progresses we will assess capacity and demand and will work to expand eligibility to additional essential personnel and children most in need of this support. 

In addition, there are over 400 sites providing free meals.  The sites can be located at https://www.schools.nyc.gov/school-life/food/free-meals


Google Classroom

Parent’s Guide to Google Classroom


Go Math (Grades K-6)

Please note that Student Editions and Practice Books are combined in our Go Math Program so pages may be incorrect. Please use the chapter and section as your guide.

Kindergarten: Student Edition | Practice Book (HW)  | Animated Math Models

1st Grade: Student Edition | Practice Book (HW)| Animated Math Models

2nd Grade: Student Edition | Practice Book (HW)|Animated Math Models

3rd Grade: Student Edition | Practice Book (HW)|Animated Math Models

4th Grade: Student Edition | Practice Book (HW)|Animated Math Models

5th Grade: Student Edition | Practice Book (HW)|Animated Math Models

6th Grade: Student Edition


Harry Potter Escape Room

Harry Potter Escape Room


IT Resources

How to Connect your Child’s Chromebook at Home


Kahn Academy Kids (Please note we are working on having this app pushed to all devices during the week of March 23rd)

Khan Academy Kids is a free, fun, educational app with thousands of activities and books for young children ages 2-7.

1. To get started, download the app onto your mobile device:

2. Open the app and click “Sign Up” to add a grown-up’s email address.

   Zendesk_SignUp.png  Zendesk_EnterEmail.png

3. Check your email account for a message from welcome@khanacademykids.org. Tap the blue button on the verification email to activate your Khan Academy Kids account. 

 Zendesk_VerificationEmail.png  Zendesk_Verified.png

4. Input the child’s name, age, and avatar to create a user profile. If you have more than one child, multiple user profiles can be added for each child. 



Mathletics Login


Mad Science

Message from Mad Science

Navigating Mad Science Online Clubs

How to create a Gmail account


My Catholic Faith Delivered

www.mycatholicfaithdelivered.com (Login button in the Upper Right Corner of the Screen)

Enter in Username and Password that you were assigned

Click on Start Course button, or click on COURSES at the top of the page to navigate to your child’s course.

Choose the course and click on the lesson to begin.


Nearpod Login


Parent Resources about the Coronavirus

Talking About the Coronavirus With Young Children

Brain Pop Lesson on the Coronavirus

Feeling Stressed About Coronavirus (COVID-19)



Relaxation Resources

Online story: Guided relaxation of deep breathing- The Mermaid & the Otter

5 To  Thrive

Guided Relaxation for Kids- Relax Like a Cat


Sadlier Religion Textbook Resource (Grades K-7)

Please note that this is not a digital edition of the workbook, yet rather a resource to be used to help supplement the children’s instruction.

Sadlier Religion Website


Please see below the login information Sadlier is offering the following online complimentary resources to help maintain continuity of learning.

Username:   SadlierStudent

Password:    ReadyToLearn!

Kindergarten Student Edition

1st Grade Student Edition

2nd Grade Student Edition

2nd Grade Communion Book

3rd Grade Student Edition

4th Grade Student Edition

5th Grade Student Edition

6th Grade Student Edition

7th Grade Confirmation Student Edition


Scholastic Learn at Home (Grades PK-8) 

Scholastic Learn at Home

For Grades PK-2, before you get started, you must first set up your free account for Book Flix and our Watch & Learn Library. It’s simple—just use the following info:

username: Learning20 | password: Clifford


Social Distancing Resources

Time to Come In, Bear: A Children’s Story About Social Distancing

Zoom Directions for Students Guide

Zoom Directions for Students Guide