SFDS Week of March 8th 2021

Dear Academy Families, 

Happy Weekend!

In this week’s first reading, we listen to the Ten Commandments; the basis for our moral pathway to God.

The 10 Commandments are more than a list of things we should not do. These are moral tenets that also point us toward the way we should live.

Students in St. Francis de Sales Catholic Academy learn about the Commandments but also learn about how these can really be put into practice. We hear “honor your mother and father” but how can we live this out within our lives? Catholic education is an opportunity to make tangible the lessons of the Bible. Students learn through reading the Bible but also see their fellow classmates and teachers acting in appropriate and faithful ways.

In a special way keep the rest of our 2nd graders in your prayers this week. Many of our students will be receiving the sacrament of reconciliation for the first time in St. Francis de Sales Parish this Wednesday. All children can be accompanied by one or two parents to the prayer service on Wednesday at 6:30 pm. The parish is also offering an alternative date to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation for those who would prefer a smaller group on Saturday, March 13, 2021, at 3:00 pm. in church. Any questions or concerns please be in touch with Mrs. Greene at 718-945-6911.

We will keep all of our second graders in our thoughts and prayers as they continue on their spiritual journey and prepare for receiving the Eucharist for the first time.

Onto the week of March 8th 2021…………

Tablet’s Covid Relief Fundraiser for Catholic Schools: This weekend in the Tablet you may read about “The Tablet’s Covid Relief Fundraiser for Catholic Schools.” We’re excited about this new campaign because our school and students will directly benefit. This campaign will also support The Tablet’s work in reporting important news for Catholics. We believe it’s a win, win, win! More information on this campaign will be sent out towards the end of this week with your children. You’ll be happy to know that our school can apply all of our students’ sales toward our DeSales Technology Grant requirements. Our participation in the DeSales Technology Grant in the past was one of the main reasons we were able and still are able to provide a device to all students in our school. This was very helpful especially last spring when we had to go to a 100% remote model. 

Lenten Journey: Each day during morning prayers we hear the song of Hosea. In this Lenten hymn, we hear the call, to “come back to me with all your heart.” Here at St. Francis, we are on this journey through prayer, sacrifice, and almsgiving. Starting this past week all grades 1-8 started to go to mass in person at least once during the Lenten season. This past week our 2nd and 3rd graders went to mass with Father Bill. I had the opportunity to join the students and teachers for these masses and Father Bill was great at explaining the parts of the mass and giving a tour of the church. It is our hope that all of our students and families continue to come back to mass during this season of Lent.  

We also continue our lenten journey of giving alms with our annual collection of mite boxes for the Propagation of Faith. We sent home each student with a mite box and asked that students return them no later than Friday March 26th. It is not about how much is given in the box, it is about the children learning to give a little bit to those who are less fortunate than we are. Every penny is helpful. 

Finally, starting this week all grade levels will be praying the Stations of the Cross in our schoolyard. Please save the date for Friday, March 26th at 7pm for an academy-sponsored Stations of the Cross for students and families. Speaking of the Stations of the Cross, many of our 7th-grade students and faculty members have been working very hard to produce this year’s Passion Play that our entire school community will be able to watch on the morning of March 30th. 


5th-8th Grade Hybrid Learning Schedules

5th, 6th Grade, and 7th Grade are on a Week 2 Schedule

Monday 3/8: Groups 1 and 3 in School; Group 2 Remote- Bagel Day for Groups 1 and 3

Tuesday 3/9: Groups 1 and 2 in School; Group 3 Remote

Wednesday 3/10: Groups 2 and 3 in School; Group 1 Remote; Group 3 Picture Day. Group 3 students may “Dress Up” for picture day

Thursday 3/11: Groups 1 and 3 in School; Group 2 Remote

Friday 3/12:Groups 1 and 2 in School; Group 3 Remote; Groups 1 and 2 Picture Day. Groups 1 and 2 students may “Dress Up” for picture day

8th Grade is on a Week 2 Schedule

Monday 3/8:  Blue Group in School; Gold Group at Home Learning. Blue Group Bagel Monday

Tuesday 3/9: Gold Group in School; Blue Group at Home Learning

Wednesday 3/10:  Blue Group in School; Gold Group at Home Learning.

Thursday 3/11: Gold Group in School; Blue Group at Home Learning

Friday 3/12:  Blue Group in School; Gold Group at Home Learning. 

Please note that all Spanish and STEM classes will be live for Grades 5-8 students who are remote. If your child is home please make sure that they login for those classes just as they would for their Core Subjects. 


Picture Day for Nursery-Grade 1 and Grades 5-7: Next week will be picture day for Grades Nursery-Grade 1 and Grades 5-7.  

Tuesday 3/9- Nursery, Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten A

Wednesday 3/10- Kindergarten B, 1st Grade, and Grades 5-7 (Group 3)

Friday 3/12- Grades 5-7 (Groups 1 and 2) and Makeups

Our photographer Harisch Studios is also offering portraits at their Ridgewood, NY studios this year. Book here to have the portrait taken at their studios INSTEAD of school. You must book PRIOR to 8 PM the evening BEFORE your child’s scheduled school portraits, otherwise, the photographs will be taken at school. To do that please click here.

Once your child is photographed you will have the ability to purchase pictures in the following weeks.

All students on their picture day are able to dress up day for pictures. Please remember that dressing up for pictures is very different than a dress-down day.  

Please note all students are photographed each year. 


Yearbooks Ads: We are now selling ads for this year’s yearbook. On Wednesday (3/10) all yearbook ads/dedications are due. For more information including instructions and an order form please click here. Please note there is a $10 late fee charged for any order handed in on 3/11 or 3/12. No orders can be taken after 3/12/21. 


Chocolate Sale: Congratulations to the winners of this year’s Candy Bar Sale. 

1st Place: Madison Friedman

2nd Place: The Cozza Family  

3rd Place: The Allocco Family

All students of families selling a box of Chocolate will be able to dress down on Friday March 19th (March 18th if your child is remote on March 19th) Thank you again for helping to fundraise for our school. 

If you haven’t paid for your chocolate boxes yet we do ask that you make payment no later than next Friday March 12th. After that date all outstanding payments will be added to your FACTS account. 


St. Jude’s Math-a-thon: It is that time of year that St. Francis de Sales Catholic Academy participates in St. Jude’s Math-A-Thon program.  Last year we raised over $16,000. A lot of children are helped by the generosity of our school community. This year you can do your donations online and order your prizes online and have them delivered to your door or you can send in your donations to Mrs. Foti and she will take care of the paperwork and get the prizes sent to the school.


Important dates

All Permission slips (registration forms) will be given out in school next week and are due back by 3/12 so we know who is participating. All Money is due by 3/26. All students who participate may dress down on Monday, April 19th.


You can also easily register online by clicking below. This is a great way to raise money via Social Media.




Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity to children in need.  Any questions, please contact Mrs. Foti at sfoti@stfrancisschoolbh.net .


Calling All Alumni: As valued members of our school community, we want to keep our alumni updated on the amazing work being accomplished by students, staff, and alumni like you.

If you graduated from St. Francis de Sales please complete the form below so we can keep in touch!


Alumni: Please share this on your own pages to help spread the word.


Have a great week. Be safe and stay healthy.