SFDS Week of October 30th 2017

Dear Families,

Many of our 8th graders from St. Francis de Sales Parish were blessed with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit during their Confirmation this past Wednesday. Both ceremonies were beautiful and we are so proud of all of our 8th graders during this very special time in their lives. We very much look forward to seeing our students from Blessed Trinity parish become Confirmed in the Spirit on December 7th as well. A special thank you to Mrs. Foti, Mrs. Gigliello, Mrs. McMahon and Ms. Scahill for helping to form the students faith in their preparation for this special Sacrament. Thank you to our Parish Religious Education Director, Mrs. AnneMarie Greene, for organizing the ceremonies as well.

This Sunday marks the 5th anniversary of Superstorm Sandy. We hope to take time this weekend to reflect on the hope and blessings that arose after the devastation our school and community experienced during those months and years following October 29, 2012. We continue to pray for those who are still in the midst of dealing with the effects from that day all these years later.

On to what will be an exciting and busy week at the academy:

Father Bill Installation: This Sunday, we are celebrating a very special day in the St. Francis de Sales Parish. Fr. Bill is being installed as pastor of St. Francis de Sales. Please feel free to join us for this celebratory mass at 12 noon.

Happy Halloween! We hope you have a fun and safe time Trick or Treating with your children. Please remind our older students about the importance of respecting everyone’s property and making safe decisions on Halloween.

On Tuesday, Grades K-4 of our classes will be celebrating Halloween with a party after lunch. Grades K-8 may dress down wearing black and orange. Pre-K is allowed to wear bathroom-friendly costumes for their parade. Our school will be open for trick or treaters from 2:45pm-4pm. ( We will be participating in the Teal Pumpkin Project) We hope to see you there!

Allergies: This week, Halloween celebrations and candy will no doubt be abundant. With this fun and exciting time comes a significant safety concern for many students in our school building. It is important that there is strict avoidance to this food in order to prevent a life-threatening allergic reaction. We are asking your help to provide the student with a safe school environment. Any exposure to peanuts/nuts may cause a life-threatening allergic reaction that requires emergency medical treatment. 

To reduce the chance of this occurring, we are asking that you do not send any peanut or nut containing products to school with your child. If your child has eaten peanuts/nuts before coming to school, please be sure your child’s hands and face have been thoroughly washed before entering the school. All in-school celebrations (including birthdays) should include only store-bought items to better reduce the chance of peanut/nut exposure. We appreciate your support of these procedures.

All Saints Day: All Saint’s Day is on Tuesday November 1st. Our 2nd Grade Saints will be leading us in our All Saint’s Day mass at 11am. You are more than welcome to join us.

Mix-it Up at Lunch Day:  Monday and Tuesday is Mix it up at Lunch Day. A national campaign launched by Teaching Tolerance in 2002, Mix It Up at Lunch Day encourages students to identify, question and cross social boundaries. All schools are asked to participate on the last Tuesday in October each school year!  In research, students have identified the cafeteria as the place where divisions are most clearly drawn. So for just a day, we will ask students to move out of their comfort zones and connect with someone new over lunch. It’s a simple act with profound implications.

Book Fair: Another wonderful Book Fair has come to a close here at St. Francis de Sales. A very special thank you to Rita Martin, Louann Mannino and all of the fantastic volunteers for their hard work in setting up and running the event for the last three days. If you were unable to get to the Book Fair, or the book you were interested in was sold out, our Online Book Fair will be open through November 1st. You can shop by clicking here

Thank you again for your continued generosity!

Yearbook: This Wednesday 11/1 is the LAST day to place Yearbook orders! If you would like to order a school yearbook, (delivery in May) please put your payment of cash or check (made payable to SFDS, with  SFDS yearbook on memo line) return it to school with the Yearbook-Order-Form no later than  Wednesday, November 1st. There will be no orders accepted after this date. The  yearbook is a nice way to remember the school year since each class has an individual page.

Lunch Duty:   We are in need of some parents to help volunteering for our lunch periods. If you are VIRTUS trained and are able to do the lunch duty, we certainly appreciate it. We are continuing to assign lunch duty using a web-based service called Sign Up. It enables those who want to do lunch duty to sign up for slots on specific days with email reminders. It is our hope this will help with the number of cancellations and no shows from families.

To sign up for lunch duty please use the website: Lunch Duty Sign Up

1) Click the link above to see our Sign-Up on Sign Up

2) Review the options listed and choose the spot(s) you like.

3) Sign up! It’s Easy – you will NOT need to register an account or keep a password on Sign Up Volunteers, thank you so much for all of your help!

Fundraising Corner

Thanksgiving/Holiday Pie Sale: This sale is through Cascon Cheesecake.  Cascon Cheesecake Corp is a full-service bakery located in Whitestone, New York. Since opening its doors in 1975, this family owned business has provided over 30 years of dedicated service to its loyal customers.

These pies and cheesecakes will be delivered on Tuesday November 21st  just in time for Thanksgiving. They come frozen so if you are using them for Thanksgiving you can keep them out for the big day, if you like to save a few for Christmas or just to have you can put them right in the freezer.

Click Here for an order form. All money and orders are due no later than Tuesday November 7th.

Card Party Committee Meeting: For those who are helping out with the huge task of planning and preparing for our annual Card Party, the committee meeting is going to be on Thursday November 2 at 7pm in the Small Hall. Thank you to all who lend a hand with our biggest fundraiser of the year.

Sherwood Wreaths: This year our school is selling Christmas Evergreens as a fundraising project. This project will be offering evergreens to decorate your home and also the opportunity to send a gift item across the country or across town. Our sale kicked off this week and the last day we will be able to accept an order is November 3, 2017. You can contact Kim Rudden at (917) 558-0304 with any questions. All checks should be made payable to Saint Francis de Sales Catholic Academy. For more information and/or an order form please click here.

$15,000 Raffle: Jump on this chance to win up to $15,000! Please see attached a special raffle that the academy is holding this Fall (11/26/17). If you’d like to contact the sellers directly to purchase your ticket, their contact information can be found below. You can call or text. Good Luck!

John Martin     718-344-7274 holding tickets   1   to 10   

Patrick Hayden     347-539-0437    holding tickets   11 to 20   

Rita Hayden     718-570-7908     holding tickets    21 to 30

Billy Kelly     917-209-3634     holding tickets    31 to 40

Jennifer LaPrice     917-723-8834    holding tickets   41 to 50

Terrance Moriarity   917-685-0134       holding tickets   51 to 60

Brynn Heegan     917-495-7779       holding tickets    61 to 70

JoJo O’Grady     917-417-4532       holding tickets   71 to 80   

Rita Hayden       718-570-7908       holding tickets    81 to 90

Dina Tammero        718-207-1398        holding tickets    91 to 100

Any questions about the raffle can be directed to Rita Hayden at  718-570-7908.

Stop and Shop Card Dress down day: Stop and Shop Rewards began  on 10/7 and thanks to your support we have earned $418.02 for our school. We are going to host a free dress down day on Friday December 9th for every student that has a Stop and Shop rewards card linked to our school.  In order to participate, students will need to submit a copy of the account that is linked.  You can simply follow these steps to get your print out.

Ø  Go to www.stopandshop.com.

Ø  Log in to your account.

Ø  Click on Savings and Rewards then A+ school rewards.

Ø  Click on Confirm Your Schools.

Ø  Print the screen that lists St. Francis de Sales under My Schools.

Ø  Please list all students that are in the family and their classes on one sheet.

Ø  It would also be great if you registered some family members cards.

Please return the sheet no later than Wednesday December 7th 2016 to the main office.

If you have not already registered, to participate:

  • Visit www.stopandshop.com/aplus and scroll down to the center of the page to select REGISTER YOUR CARD from the red box on the right marked FOR CUSTOMERS; or,
  • Call the A+ School Rewards Hotline at 1-877-275-2758 for assistance; or,
  • Email the A+ Hotline.  Please include the last name associated with your Stop & Shop Card, your 13-digit Stop & Shop Card number and our school name and school ID number* of our school (or the name, city and state in which the school is located) to: askaplus@cranecommunications.com.

Have a great weekend!