SFDS Reading Level Correlation Chart


Grade Level Guided Reading Level Lexile Learner Range Lexile Text Range Reflected in CCSS




BR-400 and above**


1st Grade  



Up to 300L 190 – 530
2nd Grade  



170L – 545L 420 – 650
3rd Grade  



415L – 760L 520 – 820
4th Grade  



635L – 950L 740 – 940
5th Grade  



770L – 1080L 830 – 1010
6th Grade  



855L – 1165L 925 – 1070
7th Grade  



925L – 1235L 970 – 1120
8th Grade  



985L – 1295L 1010 – 1185


Col. 2 Guided Reading Level = The suggested Fountas and Pinnell range for each grade level.

Source: https://www.fountasandpinnell.com/textlevelgradient/


Col. 3 Lexile Learner Range = A Lexile learner or student measure indicates a learner’s independent reading level range.

Source: https://support.lexile.com/s/article/What-is-a-Lexile-measure


Col. 4 Lexile Text Ramge Reflected in CCSS = A Lexile measure on a text indicates the complexity of the reading material. Texts are measured using a algorithm that examines the semantic and syntactic features of the text. 

Source: https://lexile.com/educators/measuring-growth-with-lexile/college-and-career-readiness/


**Lexile measures for texts and learners that fall below 0L on the scale are referred to as Beginning Reading materials or learner abilities. They receive a ‘BR’ notation before the reported measure. A Lexile measure of BR100L indicates that the Lexile measure is 100 units below 0L. Just as -10° is warmer than -30° on a thermometer, a BR100L book is more complex than a BR300L book.