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Welcome to Second Grade Class 2B
Homework for the week of  Dec. 3

Monday-December reading log was given out Friday.

We are collecting Toys for Tots in SFDS for Christmas

Benchmark test this week-no spelling or speed drill

Spelling Words: read, leave, easy, seat, team, deep,wheel, sleep, feet, teeth, windy, party

Spelling-Write words 1-6 3 times each
Reading-Workbook pg 195,197
Speed Drill-
Math-pgs. 301-302

Math packet due Thursday

Math test on Friday-Chapter 4

Religion-no bible verse this week because of Math test

The children have a reading log to complete but they will not have a book report to do this month.

Journal- one entry due Wednesday-remind the children to indent, use punctuation and capital letters in the beginning of sentences.

Tuesday- Christmas Boutique tomorrow
Spelling-words 6-12 3 times each
Reading-pgs.  198,199
Speed Drill-
 Math-Pgs. 307,308
 Journal-one entry due Wednesday 
Wednesday-GYM, MASS,and PiZZA tomorrow
Spelling-words 1-6 in sentences
Reading- pgs.201,202
Speed drill
Math-pgs. 311,312 Math Packet due tomorrow
Journal-1 entry due Friday
Spelling- write words 7-12 in sentences
Speed drill-due Friday
Math-Study for math test chapter 4 Tomorrow 
Journal -one entry due Friday 



Friday -Have a great weekend with your children,

Class 2B specials
We will attend mass at 9:00 each Thursday. Please join us if you can.   
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