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Welcome to Second Grade Class 2B
Homework for the week of  April 18

Spelling Words-


discolor,disagree, preheat,preschool

Spelling-Write words 1-6 3 times
Reading-p. 399,401
Speed Drill-due Friday 
Math – 607,603
Math Detective #13 due Friday and take home math packet

Religion Test-test Chap 18 Friday 

Bible verse-

Journal- Due Wednesday and Friday-remind the children to indent, use punctuation and capital letters in the beginning of sentences. They should be writing at least 5 full sentences.  


Spelling- write words 7-12 3 times each

Reading- pages 402,403
Speed Drill- due Friday

Math Detective #13 due Friday

 Journal- one entry due WEDNESDAY
Religion test on Friday chap 18 including Bible verse

P-Praise  ye the Lord: for it is good to sing praises unto our God

******Animal test on Tuesday 

Wednesday-GYM, MASS and pizza day tomorrow
Spelling-Write words 1-6 in sentences 
Speed drill-
Math-Pages 619,620

Journal-one Entry due Friday

religion test chap 18 and letter P verse

Spelling-test tomorrow write words 7-12 in sentences 
Reading-p 408
Speed drill-due tomorrow 

Math-625,626 POW due friday

Journal due Friday


Friday -Have a great weekend with your children


Class 2B specials
We will attend mass at 9:00 each Thursday. Please join us if you can.   


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