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Students are expected to have their supplies each day*

*Students can bring in a healthy snack each day.  Please remember that St. Francis is a peanut free school. 

*If your child is away on vacation all work and tests are expected to be completed the day they return.  If your child is sick, we can discuss to see when they are feeling better and are able to study. Classwork and homework are expected to be completed if your child is absent.  

*Please check Option C regularly for grades.  Missing assignments are posted and will affect your child’s grade.    

*Weekly Specials

Monday-Gym & Art




*Second Grade will attend 9 A.M Mass each Friday.  Please join us if you are free.

What’s happening this Week 3/16/2020

Please read your independent reading book every day

Spelling 3/16

Spelling Words-1-foam 2- toast 3-road 4-loaf 5-gloat 6-coat 7-window 8-Monday 9- Tuesday 10-cousin


Monday-March 9th

Read-15 minutes, either 3 fictional or non fictional choice boards are due  3/13

FUNdations-Unit 13

Spelling-write each word three times each


POW due Wednesday

Tuesday, March 3rd

Fundations Unit 13

Spelling 1-5 in sentences

3 choice boards due Friday

Math 7.9

POW due Wednesday

Wednesday March 4th

Click on the link to watch today’s math video Lesson 8.1  

Fundations Unit 13

Spelling 6-10 in sentences

Read 15 minutes

3 choice boards due Friday 

Math 7.10


Click on the link to watch today’s math video Lesson 8.1


Spelling ABC order and study for quiz

Read 15 minutes

3 Choice boards due tomorrow













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