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Welcome to Class 2A!  This year students will enhance their reading, writing and math skills.  The children will prepare for the sacraments of Reconciliation and Communion.  I look forward to having a WONDERFUL year with you and your children! 

*Classroom 303 has air conditioning.  Please pack your SFDS sweatshirt!  

*Please make sure that your child comes to school with their supplies each day.   

*Students can bring a healthy snack to school each day.    

*I can not emphasize the importance of reading with your child each day enough.  Second graders should be reading at home for 20 minutes as part of their daily routine.  


Monday Art & Mass (Class 2A has Art on Mondays only during the odd months)

Tuesday STEM

Wednesday Art

Thursday Spanish

Friday Gym (students must wear  sneakers and their SFDS gym uniform)

Tests for the Week

FUNdations Test 10/19 *Trick words goes, where, done, pretty

memorize closed vowel exceptions ind, ild, old, ost & olt 

Spelling Test 10/22


Planet Project due October 19th

Saint Project due October 25th

Veteran’s Day project November 1st

Spelling Words:1-blocks 2-crunches 3-singing 4-smaller 5-tallest 6-hunted 7-spilled 8-again 9-please 10-animal

Monday-October 18th

Read 20 minutes

Fluency Sheet

FUNdations-Monday dictation

Spelling-write words 1-5 three times each

Math-pgs   121-122

Tuesday-October 19th

Read 20 minutes

Fluency Sheet

FUNdations-Tuesday dictation

Spelling-write words 6-10 three times each 

Math-pgs  127-128

Wednesday, October 20th

Read 20 minutes

Fluency Sheet

FUNdations-Wednesday dictation

Spelling-write spelling words 1-5 in sentences.

Math-pgs 133-134

Thursday, October 21st

Read 20 minutes

FUNdations-Thursday dictation

Spelling-words 6-10 sentences

Math-pgs 139-140

Friday, October 22nd  1/2 Day noon dismissal

Chapter 2 Math Take Home Test due 10/26

Chapter 2 Math Test 10/27

Religion-Lesson 3 Test 10/26

Go to mass & read!  




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