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Congratulations and God Bless the Second Graders who will receive their First Holy Communion this weekend.




*Please make sure that your child comes to school with their supplies each day.   

*Students can bring a healthy snack to school each day.    

*I can not emphasize the importance of reading with your child each day enough.  Second graders should be reading at home for 20 minutes as part of their daily routine.  

*If your child is absent classwork, homework and tests must be made up.  If your child has been sick we can work on a schedule for them to complete their work. 

Please make sure that your child is in the proper dress code

Monday Art & Mass (Class 2A has Art on Mondays only during the odd months)

Tuesday STEM

Wednesday Art

Thursday Spanish

Friday Gym (students must wear sneakers and their SFDS gym uniform)

Tests & Projects for the Week 

American Symbol Project 5/24

Religion Lesson 10 Test 5/25

Spelling Test 5/27

FUNdations Unit 15 Test 5/27 *Trick Words enough, January, July, February, special 

*Please hand in Beach Party permission slips and payment ASAP.  Thank you.

Spelling Words:  1-round 2-soupy 3- boom 4-hood 5-continue 6-due 7-srew 8-enough 9-special 10-December 

 Monday, May 23rd

Read-20 minutes

FUNdations-Monday dictation

Spelling-write each word three times each

Math pgs-709-710 &POW due 5/31

Tuesday, May 24th

Read 20 minutes

FUNdations Sheet

spelling-write words 1-5 in sentences   

Math-pgs 715-716

Wednesday, May 25th   Blue & Gold Day

Read 20 minutes


Spelling-write words 6-10 in sentences


Thursday, May 26th

Read 20 minutes


Spelling-write words in ABC order & study for test

Math-pgs 727-728

Friday, May 27th 

American Symbol Test 6/1

God Bless the BRAVE men and women that have made the ultimate sacrifice.

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