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*Please make sure that your child is reading everyday.

*Please practice tying shoes with your child.

*Please make sure that your child comes to school each day with sharpened pencils, erasers, crayons, scissors, and glue.

*Failure to turn in assignments will result in the assignment being marked as missing, which will lower your child’s average.  Points will be deducted for assignments turned in late unless you have reached out to me or your child is sick.  Thank you for your cooperation.

*The class has begun Module 4 in the Wit & Wisdom Program.  The topic is Good Eating.   We are also reading “Charlotte’s Web”  by E.B White as a class.  Please keep reading at home as well!  


Spelling Test May 6th

Spelling Words1-round 2-soupy 3-boom 4-hood 5-continue 6-due 7-screw 8-enough 9-special 10-Decemeber

Monday, May 10th

Read 20 minutes

FUNdations- Week 2 Sheet 

Spelling-write words 1-10 three times each

Math-pgs 631-632

Tuesday, May 11th

Read for 20 minutes

Fluency Sheet

FUNdations Week 2 Sheet 

Spelling-write words 1-5 in sentences

Math- pgs   637-638 

Wednesday, May 12th

Read 20 minutes

FUNdations Week 2 sheet week 

Fluency Sheet

spelling-write words 6-10 in sentences


Thursday, May 13th

Read 20 minutes

Fluency Sheet

FUNdations Week 2 sheet

spelling-write words in ABC order and study for test

Math-pgs 643-645

Friday, May 14th

POW due 5/19

Math-Chapter 9 Take Home Test due 5/17

Chapter 9 Test 5/18

First Holy Communion Grapes & Wheat, Bulletins, 100 -

God Bless our friends in Class 2B, who received their First Holy Communion this weekend.  

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