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*Second Graders are allowed to bring in a healthy snack each day. SFDSCA is a peanut free school.

*The students should be reading each night for at least 15 minutes.

*Please make sure that your child has 4 sharpened pencils at school each day. 

*The class will be using their planners to record their homework.  Please also use the website as a reference.  

Class 2A Specials

Monday-Spanish: Please check the Spanish Page for any assignments.  The children write the homework in their planner during class.  Homework is due the following week.   Thank you.   





Second Grade will attend 9 A.M. Mass each Thursday.   Please join us if you are free.  

There is NO Homework this week. 

Tuesday, December 18th is Dress Rehearsal for 2A

Christmas Show is Wednesday, December 19th.  The children can bring in devices if they would like too.

Merry Christmas!  Love, Mrs. O’Malley


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