• Each person, regardless of status, who enters our school will have their temperature checked before the school allows entry.

• Entry will be denied to any person whose temperature equals or exceeds 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

• If a person has a temperature equal to or exceeding 100, a second temperature will be administered no more than fifteen minutes later to confirm body temperature.

• Faculty and staff at our school will fill out a daily form to affirm that they are healthy and in compliance with present guidelines and executive orders.

• Parents will receive and be expected to complete a weekly COVID-19 screening assessment for their children.

• Faculty, staff, and students must stay home if they experience symptoms of COVID-19 and are encouraged to stay home if they feel unwell in any way.


Arrival and Departure

• Students, staff, and faculty will enter and leave our school through several separate entry points to reduce foot traffic density.

• Additionally, arrival and departure may be staggered to further reduce density at these points.


Potential Cases

• Students, staff, and faculty who are denied entry will be directed to monitor their symptoms and seek the advice of their health care provider.

• If health care provider recommends a COVID-19 test:

Until a test result arrives, the person should remain quarantined at their domicile along with their siblings.


If presenting signs or symptoms during the day:

  • Direct student to isolation room and nurse will make a determination if the student should be referred to a health care provider for testing.


If a positive result returns:

  • The person must isolate themselves for 10 days after the onset of symptoms and they have gone at least 24 hours without symptoms or fever without the use of medicine.
  • Contact tracing must be performed and close contacts with the case must be told to quarantine. 


If a negative result returns:

  • The person should consider receiving another test if they continue to feel unwell to rule out a potential false negative.
  • If a false negative is unlikely by advice of medical professional or end of symptoms, the person may return to school after receiving a negative result.