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Welcome to PRE-K B- Mrs. Schmitt
May 4-7


I hope you all had a nice weekend! Just  a few reminders:

-Children need a small blanket for rest time.

– We are learning the letter Yy this week please send in a picture Tuesday of something that begins with letter Yy

-Letter Yy bags are going home please return them on Friday with something that begins with the letter Yy

Homework sheets will be due On Thursday  writing upper and lower case Yy

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms of our class   Thank you all  for being amazing MoMs❤️


Just a few reminders when learning from home:Please keep yourself muted unless called upon.  Raise your hand and I will unmute you to share! If you know how to change your name on zoom, please put your child’s name.  It will be easier for me to see all of  you. Please don’t change the background. Please have crayons, pencils, your packet of take home work (sent home a few weeks ago), and your religion book nearby. Please keep all completed work in a safe place to be returned when we get back into the building.

Our Schedule:

8:30-9:10 – we will be live on zoom each day.  Please use the zoom link on the SFDS@HOME page for our classroom.

9:10-10:30 – snack, independent activities, please see below for each day’s assignments.  The assignments might be posted on SeeSaw or might be work done in our work packet.

10:30-12:30 – lunch, stretch, go for a walk, get some exercise

12:30-1:00 – live on zoom, use the zoom link for our classroom

1:00 – check seesaw for activities from Art or Gym

1:30-2:30 – optional office hours if anyone needs to go over work or speak to me Monday-Thursday . I will be in our zoom everyday at this time

Tuesday FEBRUARY 2

ZOOM MEETING AT 8:30-today is Groundhog Day Listen to the news and tell the children whether or not the groundhog saw his shadow. Also, bring some thing that ring a picture of something that begins with the letter Oo

Groundhog Day-the children can work on the math sheet, the shadow sheet and the book.

SEESAW-the children can write their name, uppercase letter Oo, and ground hog patterns.  I also included an OPTIONAL Groundhog Day story if they want to listen and draw.

Monday Feb 1

Activities to be completed independently –

ZOOM CALL AT 8:30 letter Oo worksheet

Seesaw- Practice letter Oo  activities Practice your name! Snow day activities

Have fun in the snow- send me picture of you out in the snow!




Morning prayer-

God our father, I give you today.  All that I think and do and say. I work and laugh  have fun and play.  Jesus be with me all through the day.  

Grace before snack-

Thank you God for the food we eat, Thank you God for the World so sweet. Thank you God for the birds that sing. Thank you God for everything!

We will also be reciting the Hail Mary and the Our Father. Please practice these prayers each night. 



























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