NYC DOE iPad Distribution to Non Public Schools

Dear St. Francis de Sales Catholic Academy Families, 

We hope this email finds you well. The NYC DOE is making iPads available to all students who have an IESP.  Please see the form below from the NYC DOE Office of Nonpublic Schools regarding the iPad distribution for students who have an IESP.

Please note that you, the parent, can apply online to receive an iPad for your child. The iPad will be shipped directly to your  home. Please review the Remote Learning Devices Agreement specifically in regards to the use, care and that the device is on loan and the expectation is that it will be returned when we return to in class lessons. This tablet is intended to allow students to participate in remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the students are required to return the tablets to the NYCDOE when schools reopen. The tablets may be used by the students only for participation in instruction required pursuant to the Education Law and not for religious instruction.

Although we know St. Francis has already given a device to every child in Grades K-8 we wanted all of our Special Education Families to know what you are entitled to. 

Any questions please let us know at