May Spirit Days and Events

Dear St. Francis de Sales Catholic Academy Family,

Due to the success of our Easter Break Entertainment, Staycation and Virtual Spirit Week we will be having different themes and events during the month of May. Please note that some events are for specific grades, while others will be for all to participate in. Please note that all events and theme days are optional. Of course we hope that many of our students participate we understand that not all can always participate.  We hope you enjoy!

Please note this calendar both dates and times are subject to change.

Upcoming events:

May 1st: Make your own Rosary- Using homemade items create your own Rosary. Please email all pictures to

May 2nd and 3rd: Star Wars STEM Challenges- Click here for more information 

May 4th: Star Wars Day- Wear your favorite Star Wars Shirt/item to class 

May 5th: Thank Our Essential Workers Day- St. Francis de Sales wants to thank each and every person that is an Essential
Worker. We made this day so that our students would hopefully get a better understanding of what you do to make this time in their lives better. The definition of a hero is simple- a person admired for courage. That is what you are. For all those working in the healthcare field, custodial staff, drivers, stock persons, store clerks, emergency responders, government officials and so many more- Thank you! We pray for your health, so that you can continue help others. If you are an essential worker please send a picture to for our essential worker montage no later than Tuesday May 5th at 3pm so we can display our montage later than night. 

May 6th: Sunglasses Day- Wear your sunglasses to class day. 

May 7th: Throwback Thursday- The 1960’s- Look forward to some activities that are based on the Groovy times of the 1960’s.

May 8th: Fun and Furry Friday- We all love your pets and we love to see them so let your furry friends shine. Stuffed Animals and drawings are fine as well. 

More information on future days will come out closer to the event.