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                            Homework: Week of October 21, 2019  


Sight Words: we, for

Letters: d, s

Monday, October 21st:

Reading: Please write the new words (we, for) on index cards and study them every night. Please continue to review all the sight words.

-worksheet: Letter d trace and color

-worksheet: Letter d writing practice

-Please read for 10-15 minutes and record on Reading Log.

Math: pages 141 and 142


Tuesday, October 22nd:


-worksheet: Letter s trace and color

-worksheet: Letter s writing practice

-Review all Sight Words

-Read and record on Reading Log

Math: pages 147 and 148


Wednesday, October 23rd:


-worksheet- Phonemic Awareness: Dd

-worksheet- Rhyming pictures

-Review all Sight words

-Read and record on Reading Log

Math:-pages 153 and 154


Thursday, October 24th:


-worksheet- Phonemic Awareness: Ss


-worksheet: Five Senses

Math: pages 159 and 160




  1.  Monday, October 21st- Bagel Day
  2. Tuesday, October 22nd- Scholastic Book Fair- We are scheduled to go to the Book Fair from 8:55-9:40 if you would like to join us. If tou can not make it and you would like for your child to purchase a book, please put the money in an envelope with your childs name on it.
  3. Thursday, October 24th- Pizza Day
  4. Friday, October 25th- Half Day. The children will be dismissed in the yard at 11:55. Please make sure your child comes to school with a snack and a drink.


Have a wonderful weekend with your family and friends! Enjoy!









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