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We are working on Unit 2 in Fundations.  In this unit, the children will continue to learn how to blend and read three- sound short vowel words.  These words are often called CVC words.  They will also be taught how to form uppercase letters A-Z.  Lastly, the children will practice alphabetical order with their Fundation Board and Tiles.   The  trick words for this week are one and two This year our reading program  also includes Wit & Wisdom which consists of modules of study designed to help students develop habits of mind common to strong readers and writers. We are now on the module, “America, Now and Then“. In this module, using texts, students will learn how life at home and school has changed in America. 


We use the “Go Math” series in kindergarten.  We are now working on our seventh chapter.  In this chapter the children will build on their understanding of numbers 11 to 19.  Children will learn about the numbers 11 to 19 by placing counters in ten frames so they can see one set of ten and some more.  They will also model numbers 11 to 19 by making 10 counters and some more counters.


In preparation for Easter, we will be discussing the importance of Lent as a time to become closer to Jesus.  Please encourage your child to use the Lenten Journey sheet that was sent home and do something special each day during Lent.  


The children will now be having Journal homework every Tuesday and Thursday night.  In the Journal, the children will write and illustrate a sentence using the trick word at the top of the page. The children will read their sentence to the class.


Dr. Seuss’ birthday is March 2nd.  His books continue to delight children around the world.  We will be reading them in school over the next two weeks.  For some fun with Dr. Seuss log onto:


We are now  having Show and Tell in the classroom each week. Your child may bring in one item on his/her assigned day.  A note went home indicating the day your child has been assigned.


 On March 4th, “Animals Alive” came to the kindergarten classes.  An instructor from Alley Pond Environmental Center  gave a presentation which  included discussion of animal classifications and hands on learning using a rabbit, bearded lizard, dove, and python.  The children really enjoyed it!



The children will be going to gym every Friday.  Please be sure your child is wearing sneakers.  For safety reasons, the girls should have their hair pulled back for gym class.  No jewelry may be worn.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


Please read to your child 10-15 minutes each night and sign the Reading log that is in your child’s Homework folder.


Each week, one child will have the opportunity to bring home our classroom St. Mother Teresa doll for the weekend.  Your child can pray with her, read with her, and introduce her to family and friends.  Please write about St. Mother Teresa’s weekend in the journal and have your child draw a picture.  Please also include photographs if possible.  St. Mother Teresa should be returned to school on Monday and your child can share her weekend adventures with the class!

Monday – ReadingMake flashcards for the words ” one and two”   Review all trick words   Trick word and Consonant  review worksheets            Reading log    Math – page 413 -414

  Tuesday –  Reading – Review all trick words    Review worksheet    Journal – Write and illustrate a sentence for the word “one”      Reading log    Math – pages 419-420

WednesdayReading – Review all trick words  Trick word and CVC review worksheets           Reading log    Math – page 7-25 – 7-26

Thursday –  Reading – Review all trick words    CVC review worksheet    Journal – Write and illustrate a sentence for the word “two”      Reading log    Math – pages 7-27 – 7-28











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