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We are beginning Unit 2 in Fundations.  In this unit, the children will continue to learn how to blend and read three- sound short vowel words.  These words are often called CVC words.  They will also be taught how to form uppercase letters A-Z.  Lastly, the children will practice alphabetical order with their Fundation Board and Tiles.   The trick words for this week are “me, with, she”.



We use the “Go Math” series in kindergarten.  We are now working on our fifth chapter.  In this chapter the children solve problems with contexts that requires them to add to a set as well as put together sets.  When children model problems they learn how to make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.

On Thursday, December 13th, the children will be making ” Gingerbread Houses”.  Please be sure to send in the requested item by Friday.  If you volunteered to help, please come to the classroom at 8:30.

This year we will be using ClassDojo to communicate with parents.  This is a great way to keep parents and teachers connected.  Please be sure to go on and check out all that has been happening in our classroom!




The children will be going to gym every Friday.  Please be sure your child is wearing sneakers.  For safety reasons, the girls should have their hair pulled back for gym class.  No jewelry may be worn.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.



Please read to your child 10-15 minutes each night and sign the Reading log that is in your child’s Homework folder.


Each week, one child will have the opportunity to bring home our classroom St. Mother Teresa doll for the weekend.  Your child can pray with her, read with her, and introduce her to family and friends.  Please write about St. Mother Teresa’s weekend in the journal and have your child draw a picture.  Please also include photographs if possible.  St. Mother Teresa should be returned to school on Monday and your child can share her weekend adventures with the class!





Monday – Reading –  Review trick words    CVC review sheet         Reading log                       Math – pages 235-236

Tuesday –  Reading – Review trick words     Ending sounds review sheet         Reading log               Math – page 5-8

WednesdayReading – Review trick words        Beginning sounds and CVC  review sheets      Reading log                Math – pages 241-242

Thursday –     Reading – Review trick words         Ending sounds review sheets          Reading log              Math – pages 247-248       











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