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We are using the Fundations reading program in kindergarten. This program systematically and comprehensively instructs students in phonemic awareness and word study (both phonetic and high frequency sight word.) It also sets the foundation for writing with the direct teaching of handwriting. In Fundations, letter formation is closely connected with sound instruction. This week we will be introducing the letters d and s. The high frequency words are have and is. The children have been doing great with reading. Please continue to review with your child daily. This year our reading program will also include Wit & Wisdom which consists of modules of study designed to help students develop habits of mind common to strong readers and writers. The first six week module is, “The Five Senses”. In this module, using texts, students will identify the senses and understand that the senses are tools to help people learn about the world.


We use the “Go Math” series in kindergarten.  We will start Chapter 3 this week.  In this chapter, the children will learn how to show, count, and write numbers 6 to 9.


During this month, the children will be having fun learning about bats and spiders.  We will listening to stories and doing crafts.



During the next few weeks we will be doing various activities with pumpkins.  On Wednesday, October 23rd, our class will be carving pumpkins.  If you volunteered to help, please come to the classroom at 1 o’clock with a pumpkin, knife, bowl, and spoon.  Thank you in advance for your help!




We will be having our special “Halloween Day” on Thursday, October 31st.  The day will include Halloween games and pumpkin picking from the St. Francis Pumpkin Patch.  Children should not wear costumes to school.  If you volunteered to help, please go to the schoolyard at 12:45 on Halloween.  

This year we will be using ClassDojo to communicate with parents.  This is a great way to keep parents and teachers connected.  Please be sure to go on and check out all that has been happening in our classroom!




The children will be going to gym every Friday.  Please be sure your child is wearing sneakers.  For safety reasons, the girls should have their hair pulled back for gym class.  No jewelry may be worn.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.



Please read to your child 10-15 minutes each night and sign the Reading log that is in your child’s Homework folder.


Each week, one child will have the opportunity to bring home our classroom St. Mother Teresa doll for the weekend.  Your child can pray with her, read with her, and introduce her to family and friends.  Please write about St. Mother Teresa’s weekend in the journal and have your child draw a picture.  Please also include photographs if possible.  St. Mother Teresa should be returned to school on Monday and your child can share her weekend adventures with the class!






Monday – Reading –     Make flashcards for trick words, “have, is”     Letter “d”  review sheets      Reading log            Math – pages 123-124 

Tuesday – Reading –     Review trick words      Letter “s”  review sheets      Reading log            Math – pages 129 – 130

Wednesday –  Reading –  Review trick words  Rhyming  review sheet   Trick words review worksheet      Reading log    Math – pages 135 – 136  

Thursday –  Reading –  Review trick words    Beginning sounds review sheet    Senses review worksheet      Reading log            Math – pages 141 -142










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