Frequently Asked Questions

How will assignments be turned in?

Students in Pre-K-Grade 2 will have all assignments handed in through their SeeSaw App. Students in Grades 3-8 will have all assignments handed in through Google Classroom or through email.

Younger students may need assistance. 


What do I do if I have questions regarding this effort of SFDS@HOME or something else?

Please, as always, start with the classroom teacher by emailing him or her via his or her school email address between the hours of 8am-4pm.  If you need more assistance, you may always email your question or concern to the administration at


Will anyone be at the school for parents to pick up books or something my child forgot and needs?

The school is scheduled to be open during normal school hours from 8am-2:30pm in case a family needs to switch out a device or pick up an item that was left in school. Please note it is highly recommend that if you are picking up an item that you send an email the night before to so we can get the materials ready in advance. 


What assistance will be available from teachers?

Teachers will have the ability to communicate with students and families and provide necessary guidance and instruction, and answer questions via email and SeeSaw. Students may also email teachers questions and communicate directly either via SeeSaw or Google Classroom. Teachers will be monitoring the trends in students questioning and will adjust lessons and assignments accordingly.


What is the attendance policy?

Remember we are taking daily attendance. In many cases teachers have specified a time for students to check in. Please do your best to adhere to the schedule provided by the teachers for work, attendance, etc. When students do not attend school daily it affects their progress and achievement level. 


What happens if your child is having difficulty with school work?

Please reach out to your teacher if your child needs a longer amount of time to complete work, is struggling with concepts, needs clarification with instructions, or has any questions at all. Teachers will do their best to assist children during this time. Please note that teachers will be collecting student work, and holding children accountable for the content that is posted. Teachers will be reading student responses and adjusting subsequent assignments. This will allow teachers to monitor if students are grasping content and/or need assistance. Please understand, this is not busy work. Teachers have done a lot of work and will be doing even more in preparing and are doing their best to keep instruction going.


What happens if my home internet is down or slow?

If the internet in your area goes down there is nothing we can do about outages or slowed-down service. However, please note that all iPads and the majority of Chromebooks in Grades 5-8 can access the Sprint Data Plan and get the internet through that. 


In my child’s schedule, they have lunch. Do they need to log in?

No. Students need to log in for required live Google Meet/Zoom sessions only and work on assignments for classes during other times.


Who should I contact if I need a password for an App or Website?

Email Mrs. Faughnan ( and explain which app or website you are trying to log into.


Quizzes, Tests, and Assessments

Teachers may assign quizzes and assessments based on the material. Teachers will grade and provide feedback on work. If your child is having difficulty with their work, they should be addressing it to the teacher, either during the office hours or via email, so the teacher can address it. If your child is having trouble, maybe others are too, and the teacher can make adjustments accordingly.


What should we do if we have a problem with our device?

If school chromebook/iPad issues should arise, you can Email Mr. Scharbach ( and cc your teacher. Describe the problem in detail. However, there is not much we can do for a device that breaks while we are closed. Do the best you can to complete work on other devices. Please make sure, if a chromebook/iPad issue arises, you should email the teachers so they are aware of the situation and can possibly make adjustments to help you.


How should we communicate with the teacher?

During this time, teachers will be posting grades to OptionC as students complete major assignments and homework. This will help keep you informed of your child’s progress. It is not possible for teachers to email individual parents to inform you of assignments. Please SeeSaw Message or email teachers if you have any questions.


Who should I contact if you are having technology problems?

Email Mr. Scharbach ( and cc your teacher. Describe the problem in detail.