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* Have your literacy fair books in class

* Bring in ear buds in a labeled ziplock bag



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* Religion Test Chapter 11 Tuesday




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Each year the fourth grade participates in a literacy fair. This year it will be held on 5/8. Parents are welcome to come, details about the event will be given closer to the date. We have begun discussing and preparing for it in class. Here is some important information and dates to know:

– Students will be working in pairs – I paired them up in class today. The project will be done in school, however the students will have to read the books on their own. They are welcome to bring their books to school to read when they have free time.

– Each pair of students was instructed to pick an author and read two books by that author. Some students expressed interest in reading books from the “Who Was…” or “What was…” series, which has different authors. Reading these books are fine, but I ask that they go along with each other. For example, “Who Was Abraham Lincoln?” could be paired with “What Was the Battle of Gettysburg?”

– I would like the students to have selected the books that they are reading by next Friday 1/11 (I will remind them in class).

– The first book should be read by 2/15. At that time the partners will switch books. The second book is to be read by 3/29. We will then begin working on the project after this date.

– The students will collaborate with their partner creating display for each of the 2 books they have read

– I will purchase trifold boards for the displays the students will make for this project. During March I will collect money for it.
I will be working with the class each step of the way, and reminders will be posted on the class page of the due dates for the project. Thanks so much for your cooperation, I’m looking forward to seeing the final projects in May!


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