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HOMEWORK for  3/9-3/13

****ladies- please bring in Clorox wipes/gentlemen-please bring in hand sanitizer wipes😊

Monday – Spelling ABC, Math  work on take home test and study, Fact Family 6

Tuesday – Spelling- 3x,  Grammar-  175,  Math- sheet, Fact Family- 7

Wednesday – Spelling sentences , Grammar- 176, Math sheet and study, Fact Family- 8

Thursday – Spelling- syllables, Grammar- sheet, Math- sheet,   Fact Family-9



Take home math test/in class test Thursday 

SPELLING WORDS: fact, opinion, events, practice, American, patriot, directions, purpose, common, difference


* Check Option C for posted grades


* please cover all workbooks in contact paper

* please send in a container of Clorox wipes, a roll of paper towels

* please send in ear buds/ headphones for your child to use with their iPads 

Thanks for your support! 😍😎😊Laura Sullivan 


* Learn 360 and Mathletics can be accessed at home – the kids have user names and logins

* the kids should be reading about 20 minutes each night

* my email is



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