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Homework for 12/10-12/14

Monday – Spelling ABC, Grammar 45, Math 233-234,  Fact Family 3

Tuesday – Spelling 3x, Grammar 49,  Math 239-240,  Fact Family 4

Wednesday – Spelling sentences, Grammar 50, Math 245-246,  Fact Family 5

Thursday- Spelling color/font,  Grammar sheet, Math 251-252,  Fact Family 6

****Take home math test due next week 

Reminders: PLEASE remember to check Mr. Amster’s spanish page for any homework assignments ( link below) , Mrs. Powers assignments should be copied into planners 

😍Spelling words😎 necessary, extra, disease, clothes, pleasant, beautiful, their, they’re, there, should’ve 

⭐️⭐️⭐️Our specials schedule will be as follows:

Monday-Art   Tuesday-Spanish: Please check the Spanish Page for any assignments  Wednesday-Art   Thursday-Gym   Friday-Mass/STEM


* kids can bring in ear buds to use with their iPads

* Learn 360 and Mathletics can be accessed at home – the kids have user names and logins

* the kids should be reading about 20 minutes each night

* my email is



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