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  • Homework and reminders will be posted here weekly, usually on Sunday night for the entire week. ❤️❤️❤️ As we head into our last trimester, remember we are stepping it up to get ready for fifth grade!😎READ AND FOLLOW directions in the grammar book while doing those pages, and make sure your work is neat and correct- try on your own, then ask a parent to check it out!!!🤩🥰

HOMEWORK for 5/23-5/27

🥰 please put the date in ntbk on the page where you completed HW😄

Monday-  Spelling ABC, Grammar 43, Math 584, Fact Family 4

Tuesday –  Spelling 3x, Grammar 44, Math Study!, Fact Family 5

Wednesday- Spelling sentences,  Grammar 45,  Fact Family 6

Thursday-  Spelling syllables,  Grammar 46, Math 723, Fact Family 7

TESTS: science state test part 1 Tuesday, Math test on geometry Wednesday, science test on animals Thursday 

REMINDERS: tissues!!! Blue and Gold day Wednesday afternoon 

SPELLING  thought, through, probably, important, between,  remember, almost, enough, either, animals 

My email address is If you need to reach out I usually respond within the day. 🥰😍


Monday-Gym     Tuesday/Friday-STEM     Wednesday-Art     Thursday-Spanish 

We will be attending 9:00 Mass on Thursdays

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