Week of Feb 10th, Catholic Schools Week!

Posted on February 10, 2020

Homework Week of February 10, 2020
Fundations Trick Words: say, says, see, between, each
Story Vocab: any, enough, ever, every, own, sure, were
No Spelling Test this week
Reading–Fluency Sheets due back
Math pgs. 383-384
Science Test on Penguins Tuesday
Social Studies Report on the Presidents due this week
Tuesday (No Homework!)
Reading See Fluency Sheet B
Math pgs. 389-390
Social Studies Test Friday on Washington and Lincoln (See Packets)
Reading Continue with Fluency Sheet B
Math pgs. 393-94
Math Test Chapter 6 after break (See Packet)

Happy Catholic Schools Week!! Looking forward to celebrating being a part of SFDS Catholic Academy. We are very fortunate to belong to this wonderful community! See everyone during the week!

We will have a class Valentine’s mailbox. Students may make Valentine’s cards for each other. We will distribute them on Friday!


Week of February 3rd

Posted on February 2, 2020


Homework Week of February 3, 2020
Story Vocab: always, become, day, everything, nothing, stays, things
Fundations: would, should, could, her, over, number
Spelling: TBA
Reading and New Fluency Sheet 21A
Math pgs. 359-360
Spelling Test Friday
Reading Fluency Sheet
Math pgs. 365-366
Comprehension Sheet due Wednesday
Wednesday (half-day and dress down)
Reading 15 minutes (Fluency Sheet)
Math pgs. 371-372
Spelling Test/ Fundations Unit 8 test Friday
Reading 15 minutes (Fluency Sheet)
Math pgs. 377-378
Spelling and Fundations Tests Friday
Science Test Next Tuesday on Penguins (See Packets/ Scholastic News Article)
Fundations: We are working in Unit 8 learning about words with blends. Continue to review and reinforce new trick words and all glued sounds.
In Wit and Wisdom we completed the book on the Shyest Seahorse. We have also been learning about penguins in Science and will send home packets on Friday!! This week in Wit and Wisdom we will be reading “What Do You Do With a Tail Like This?”
In Math we have been working in Chapter 6 on Tens and Ones. Hopefully the children are finding this concept fairly easy. If you have not covered the book yet please do so this week!
In Religion we will continue working in Chapters 15 and 16. We will also be learning about St. Blase whose Feast Day is Monday.
Next week we look forward to celebrating Catholic Schools Week and all the fun activities that go along with it!! We are all very fortunate to belong to this wonderful school community under the leadership of Mr. Scharbach and Mrs. Faughnan!

Check out our class working with partners to represent numbers in tens and ones!

Using our brand new ipads!

Week of Jan.27th

Posted on January 26, 2020

Thanks to Father Bill who gave us a special blessing and special prayer cards to celebrate the feast day of Saint Francis DeSales! God Bless Class 1-c

Homework Week of January 27, 2020
Story Vocab: also, family, new, other, some, their
Fundations Trick Words: (Unit 8) would, could, should, her, over, number (see new packet)
Spelling Words: we, he, she, be, me, for, or, you, your, I
Monday (Send in new glue sticks please. Some children have run out!!)
Reading “Seahorse” Fluency sheet due this week.
Math pgs. 335-336 (Cover new book in clear contact!)
Social Studies Test on Jane Goodall Thursday (See Sheet)
Spelling Test Friday
Reading Study High Frequency sheet for Test Thursday (See Sheet)
Math pgs. 341-42
Comprehension Sheet due Wednesday
Reading Read 15 minutes and study High-frequency sheet for test
Math pgs. 347-48
Social Studies test Thursday
Reading Read 15 minutes
Math pgs. 353-54
Spelling Test Friday
Leave old math Book home!! Thanks!

Wit and Wisdom. We will continue with our new story called Sea Horse: The Shyest Fish in the Sea. If you have any books at home on the subject of seahorses they are always appreciated. In writing we will continue with Informative paragraphs!! We will work on the unique features of the seahorse such as their tail and the pouch!
In Fundations we will begin Unit 8. Please read the suggestions in the packet that will come home this week. This extra work at home will help them with their classwork as well as on the Unit Tests! In Unit 8 we will work on blends such as fl, gr, st and so on! This should not be a difficult Unit for the class. We will have our second Spelling Test. Remember they are the trick words from Fundations that the children need to know how to spell!
In Math we will not only start a new chapter but will also start a new book. Please cover in clear contact by the end of the week!! So nice to have a nice new fresh book!!
In Social Studies we will have our second test for this trimester on Jane Goodall! In Science we will begin learning about Penguins!! And of course please feel free to send in any books you may have at home or books that you see in the library which is where I am heading now!!
In Religion we will be working in Chapter 15 “We Belong to a Parish.” We will attend 9:00 Mass on Tuesday! So nice to see many of you there!!
Looking forward to a great week!!! Happy last week of January!!



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