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Homework Week of May 3, 2021

Trick Words: (Unit 12) people, month, own, little, been, want, Mr., Mrs.

Spelling Words: think, junk, rink, sink, thank, honk, tank, put, two, too


Reading– Read for 20-25 minutes

Math pgs. 579-580

Fundations Sheet

Journal (See May Sheet)

Spelling Test Friday


Reading–Read for 20-25 minutes

Math pgs. 585-586

Fundations Sheet

Comprehension Sheet


Reading–Read for 20-25 minutes

Math pgs. 591-592

Fundations Sheet

Weekly Reading Test Thursday


Reading– Read for 20-25 minutes

Math pgs. 597-598 (Quiz Friday- Addition up to 18) (Number line provided)

Fundations Sheet

Spelling Test Friday


Happy Mother’s Day!! Have a wonderful weekend!



Dear Parents,

Happy May!! Even though the year has been a challenging one, it still has gone by so quickly. The months just seem to fly by!!

Last Thursday was Teacher Appreciation Day! The day started out with a greeting from Franny outside school!! In addition some of the SFDS children were there holding up THANK YOU signs! The moms were serving breakfast which consisted of coffee, bagels, and fruit and a goody bag to take with you!! What a lovely way to start the day!! But it did not stop there. As the children began arriving, Thomas and Timothy came in holding 2 hydrangea plants with cards attached for Mrs. Leonard and me. The hydrangea will be planted in our yard this week!! The generous gift cards will be put to good use!! Thanks so much!! You certainly made me feel “appreciated!!!”

Onto this week in Class 1-A! In Wit and Wisdom we are reading books with the wind as our main theme! Last week we read Feel The Wind by Arthur Dorros and this week we will read Gilberto and The Wind by Marie hall Ets. We will also be doing some writing assessments for each book. In Science the children are working on their wind project using the Beaufort Scale. We read about Sir Francis Beaufort in one of our Geodes Book! Looking forward to seeing the end results and hearing about their observations!

In Fundations we have finished Unit 11 on Long Vowels and will review for the test this week. We will also start Unit 12. The children will learn two-syllable words and also compound words. Examples are reptile and catnip!

In Math we will start Chapter 10 which is on Representing Data. We will work with bar graphs and picture graphs. We will also have quizzes on addition and subtraction so the children don’t get rusty with their math facts!

In Science we started learning about the Rain Forest. I am going to ask the children to make binoculars at home out of a paper towel roll. Directions to follow this week. We will take these binoculars on our field trip to the Amazon Rain Forest! Wouldn’t that be great!! Well our imagination will help us along the way!

Next Sunday is Mother’s Day! I would ask every child to bring in a medium-size gift bag!! A pretty one fit for a special someone!! Child’s name on the bottom of the bag. All of our gifts will be placed in the bag which the children will take home Friday!!

Looking forward to a great week in Class 1-A! 

All the best,

Mrs. Lindner and The Children in  Class 1-A!



















































































































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