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Homework Week of March 9, 2020

Story Vocab: done, know, push, visit, wait

Fundations Trick Words: any, many, how, now, down, out, about, our

Spelling: say, says, see, each, between, any, many, how, now, down


Reading See Fluency sheet

Math Test Tuesday on Chapter 7 (See Review Sheet)

Journal due Wednesday

Spelling Test Friday


Reading Continue with Fluency Sheet

Math (No HW. Test today)

Comprehension Sheet due Wednesday

Religion See Sheet on Lent


Reading Continue with Fluency Sheet

Math pgs. 441-442

Religion Project on Baptism (See Sheets)


Reading Continue with Fluency Sheet

Math pgs. 447-448

Spelling Test Friday


Dear Parents,

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!  Looking forward to a great week in Class 1-A! Last week we certainly enjoyed celebrating the birthday of Dr. Seuss!! We wrote stories, read many books and drew illustrations of our favorite Dr. Seuss books! We ended the week with a party on Friday afternoon! Thanks to Mrs. Witkowski and to Mrs. Henning for the delicious cupcakes and the adorable paper goods. Also thank you for the pencil and book that you gave to each child to take home!! We were so happy that we could treat you to a song called “A Gift To You!” Great way to end the celebration!! Onto this week!!

In ELA we will be reading a story called “I’m a Caterpillar!” Please remember to review all words on a daily basis. In Wit and Wisdom we are starting the 4th module. We are skipping module 3 and if time allows at the end of the year we will go back to it! Module 4 has a high interest level as it deals with Cinderella! We will read versions of Cinderella from different cultures! Some examples are “A Caribbean Cinderella” and “The Korean Cinderella”!!! Looking forward to it! On Friday we had a “Book Tasting.” The children worked in groups and were presented with a “menu” which listed all the books that we will be reading in this module. They had to decide if each book fell into these categories: “can’t wait to read” or  “don’t know” or “not for me.” Should be fun following Cinderella around the world and answering the Essential Question “Why do people admire Cinderella?” In Fundations we will start Unit 10. Please do all activities in the packet which will be sent home on Monday. This is very very important.

In Math we will be having a test on Tuesday on Chapter 7 and then will start Chapter 8 working with 2-digit numbers!!

In Religion we are working in our Stations of the Cross coloring book as we continue to walk the journey with Christ during this season of Lent. Please remember to attend Mass each Sunday. As always it is so nice to see so many of you at our weekly Mass on Tuesdays. We will also be learning more about the Sacrament of Baptism. A project will be sent home this week. Please look for a photo from your child’s Baptism as this will be part of the cover of the report!!

So as always looking forward to a great week!!

All the Best, 

Mrs. Lindner and the Children in Class 1-A



















































































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