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Homework Week of October 14, 2019

New Sight words: come, my, way, in, on (Parents, please print these words on index cards and review nightly with your child. Periodically we will be asking to see these index cards. Please purchase some sort of a recipe-like box to keep all words or put on a ring for easy viewing.)

Fundations Trick Words: as, he, or, has, she, to, for, we, me, be, into


Reading Comprehension Sheet due Wednesday

Math pgs. 121-122

Journal due Thursday


Writing See sheets about trip due Thursday

Religion Test Chapters 3 and 4 Friday


Reading read for 15 minutes

Math pgs. 125-126

Religion Test Friday


Math Test Chapter 2 next Tuesday (See Packet)


Dear Parents,

Looking forward to a great week! This week in ELA we will begin a new story in Wit and Wisdom. We will also start a new Unit in Fundations. We will teach the children about digraphs such as wh, sh, th, ch and ck. A Unit 3 packet will be in your child’s folder on Tuesday.

In Math we will be completing Chapter 2 and will have a test the following week. In Social Studies we are learning about Fire Safety. We were so surprised on Friday when Fire Fighters Kevin Quinn and Jim Hayden came in to speak to us about Fire Safety. Thank you to both of you for visiting us.

On Wednesday we will be going on our first trip weather permitting to the Aviator to Green Meadows Farm!! Looking forward to a great day!!

Hopefully had a wonderful three day weekend!!

All the best,

Mrs. Lindner and the Children in Class 1-A
















































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