FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Access on a Non-School Chromebook/iPad

If there is limited access to a computer, or students need to utilize a non school computer (i.e. a computer at your office), do your best to have students complete work whenever they are able to. Please send emails to your teachers to make them aware of any situation that might cause your child to submit late work.


Assistance from Teachers

Teachers will have the ability to communicate with students and families and provide necessary guidance and instruction, and answer questions via email and Classroom Dojo. Students may also email teachers questions and communicate directly either via ClassDojo or Google Classroom. Some teachers will also be doing video conferencing or instruction utilizing either GoogleMeets or Zoom. Teachers will be monitoring the trends in students questioning and will adjust lessons and assignments accordingly.



Remember we are taking daily attendance. In many cases teachers have specified a time for students to check in. Please do your best to adhere to the schedule provided by the teachers for work, attendance, etc. Students should be in contact with their teachers at some point during the day.


Difficulty with Work

Please reach out to your teacher if your child needs a longer amount of time to complete work, is struggling with concepts, needs clarification with instructions, or has any questions at all. Teachers will do their best to assist children during this time.


Effective Lessons

Teachers will be collecting student work, and holding children accountable for the content that is posted. Teachers will be reading student responses and adjusting subsequent assignments. This will allow teachers to monitor if students are grasping content and/or need assistance. Please understand, this is not busy work. Teachers have done a lot of work and will be doing even more in preparing and are doing their best to keep instruction going.


Internet is Down or Slow

If the internet in your area goes down there is nothing we can do about outages or slowed-down service. However, please note that all iPads and the majority of Chromebooks in Grades 5-7 can access the Sprint Data Plan and get the internet through that. 


Issues with Internet Access, Child Care/Supervision, or Ability to Complete Work

Issues with internet access, child care/supervision, or ability to complete work may arise. We are providing the distance learning materials to you because we would like to be able to keep the instruction going as much as possible. However, we understand that difficulties may arise that make it hard for your child to complete their work. We are exercising leniency for all assignments during this time. Again we ask that no one take advantage of this situation. 



In my schedule, I have lunch. Do I need to log in?

No. Students need to log in for required live Google Meet/Zoom sessions only and work on assignments for classes during other times.


Parent Stress

We understand this is a highly stressful situation for everybody. We know you have concerns that go way beyond your child completing their school work. Our intention is not to have children completing hours of busy work, rather, to keep them engaged and focused on something other than worrying. We are hoping this helps you and does not cause you more stress. If you are having issues completing student work, please reach out to the teachers.


Password Issue

Who should I contact if I need a password?

Email Mr. Scharbach (admin@stfrancisschoolbh.net) and explain which app or website you are trying to log into.


Postponements and Cancellations

Due to the school closure and regulations from New York State in regard to bans on large crowds there will be many postponements and cancellations. Please click here for more information. 


Printer Concerns

Teachers have indicated that they will be utilizing pictures and screenshots to view the children’s work and things will be scanned and posted. We don’t anticipate the children having to print out a lot of materials, we ask that your family do the best they can to follow the teachers’ instructions. A lot of the work will be completed and submitted digitally using the tablets and chromebooks. Teachers may require some work to be completed “on paper” and will be submitted when they return to school. The children may be unable to print from their chromebooks. They could either save their documents as a PDF file and upload to Google Classroom, or they can take a screenshot of their work and send it in. Students have been using DocHub in the upper grades, which allows them to edit PDF files. They should be familiar with this procedure. If they need help, reach out to the teacher.


Quizzes, Tests, and Assessments

Teachers may assign quizzes and assessments based on the material. Teachers will grade and provide feedback on work. If your child is having difficulty with their work, they should be addressing it to the teacher, either during the office hours or via email, so the teacher can address it. If your child is having trouble, maybe others are too, and the teacher can make adjustments accordingly.



If you do not have a scanner, have children take pictures of work and they can either email or upload it to the teachers. Do the best you can to complete all of the teachers’ assignments. Please note that every iPad has a camera. 



Students in Nursery-Grade 2 will be given a recommended schedule of when to do class work and work on different activities by their individual teachers. Students in grades 3 and 4 will also be given a schedule of when to do class work yet will also have to login into a virtual classroom to meet up with their teacher. Students in grades 5-8 will have a schedule to follow when they have to login into Google Meet/Zoom to meet with their classes. Some classes will be direct instruction, while others will be students working on tasks and assignments. 


School Chromebook/iPad Issues

If school chromebook/iPad issues should arise, you can Email Mr. Scharbach (admin@stfrancisschoolbh.net) and cc your teacher. Describe the problem in detail. However, there is not much we can do for a device that breaks while we are closed. Do the best you can to complete work on other devices. Please make sure, if a chromebook/iPad issue arises, you should email the teachers so they are aware of the situation and can possibly make adjustments to help you.


Special Education

For those students that receive services from the Department of Education, those services as of 3/15 are not able to occur at home. We have been in contact with the Committee of Special Education and are awaiting further clarification. We understand that continuity of services is extremely important but we must follow the DOE’s guidelines. As soon as we hear more information we will share with families and providers 


Start Date

Distance learning will begin Tuesday, March 17th, and will continue during the duration of our closure.


State Tests

We have no communication from the Diocese or the State regarding the ELA State Test during the week of March 23rd. We will keep you posted as information is sent to us.


Teacher-Parent Communication

During this time, teachers will be posting grades to OptionC as students complete major assignments and homework. This will help keep you informed of your child’s progress. It is not possible for teachers to email individual parents to inform you of assignments. Please Dojo Message or email teachers if you have any questions.


Time Frame for Completed Assignments

In grades Nursery-Grade 2 students are not strictly following a class schedule, however specific assignments will be assigned on specific days. In grades 3-8 there will be a mixture of virtual classroom and assignments that are due. Teachers will indicate a submission time for all assignments. This submission time is at night, so your child has all day to complete their work. Do your best to complete all assignments in a timely manner.


Technology Issue

Who should I contact if I have technology problems?

Email Mr. Scharbach (admin@stfrancisschoolbh.net) and cc your teacher. Describe the problem in detail.


Work/Projects Already Assigned

Students may have already been assigned projects before this emergency situation occurred. Teachers will be in contact with students to amend or postpone deadlines if necessary.