Easter Letter from Thomas Chadzutko, Ed.D. Superintendent ~ Catholic School Support Services

Dear Families,

The transition from winter to spring inspires a feeling as though the earth breathes a sigh of relief, releasing the cold and dark of winter, to the new life of spring. The celebration of Easter is wonderfully interconnected to the rebirth that we experience during spring. We are provided a physical reminder in new growth and life, of the promise of Christ’s salvation.

The word Easter has roots in both Old English and German with meanings of “East” and “dawn” respectively. This is the perfect visual of Christ’s presence in our lives through the Resurrection. When we consider the idea of dawn and the sunrise, it recalls steadfastness. There is nothing more consistent than the understanding that the sun will rise each day. The rising of the sun is central in our secular lives, critical in the growth and the harvest. The sun provides our warmth, sustenance, and light, and even benefits our outlook on the day. Just like the sun, Christ is our light. He provides, sustains us through our faith, and is a light in the darkness. Like the sun, His love is steadfast and endless. The rising sun serves as a daily reminder of how a single entity, Jesus, can have the greatest impact on our lives.

These parallels and symbols are wonderful opportunities to help children make connections between their faith and the world around them. Too often, the world of faith and religion stand separate to our daily lives.  Yet, there are endless ways to remind ourselves of the connections if we choose to look for them. Children have an incredible capacity through their active minds and imaginations to see faith in the ordinary. As you celebrate Easter, encourage your family to join together and identify symbols of Christ that may be less obvious. What symbols of new life surround us? How do our Easter traditions remind us of the true meaning of this celebration?

I wish you all a safe and blessed Easter celebration and would like to share the following prayer for your families. This prayer is another reminder of how we can see our faith in all things and make connections for our children, even with a simple bag of jellybeans.


The Jellybean Prayer

Red is for the blood He gave

Green is for the grass He made

Yellow is for the sun so bright

Orange is for the edge of night

Black is for the sins we’ve made

White is for the grace that He gave

Purple is for His hour of sorrow

Pink is for the new tomorrow

A bag full of jelly beans, colorful and sweet, a prayer, a promise, and an Easter treat.

Best wishes for a Blessed and Joyous Easter!


In Christ,

Thomas Chadzutko, Ed.D.

Superintendent ~ Catholic School Support Services