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Nursery AM- Mrs. Joanna Bodnar

Nursery PM- Mrs. Joanna Bodnar

Pre-Kindergarten A- Mrs. Marianne Caruso

Pre-Kindergarten B- Mrs. Kelly Schmitt

Pre-Kindergarten C- Mrs. Danielle Gannon

Kindergarten A- Ms. Samantha Suraez

Kindergarten B- Mrs. Jeannine Stathis

First Grade A- Mrs. Judy Lindner

First Grade B- Mrs. Michele Surgot

Second Grade A- Mrs. Trisha O’Malley

Second Grade B- Margaret Cronin

Third Grade – Ms. Heather Killian and Ms. Danielle Farragher

Fourth Grade- Mrs. Laura Sullivan and Mrs. Donna Varelakis

Fifth Grade Homework and Announcement Page


Grades 6-8:  Please check your child’s Google Calendar for all homework and test dates. Please note that Google’s securities have changed and do not allow us to publicly post calendars to nonstudents anymore. 



Spanish- Mrs. Christina Troia

STEM- Mrs. Patricia Powers

Physical Education- Randy Neiswenter

Art- Miss Gabrielle Mangano