Christmas Show Final Directives

Dress Rehearsal: All students should be ready in costume on Monday 12/16 (A and C classes) and on Tuesday 12/17 (B Classes) for our dress rehearsal.

Some students just need to dress up while others have a costume. Children may wear their gym uniform or dress down clothes under their costume on the day of their dress rehearsal.

Any questions please feel free to get in touch.



The dress rehearsals serve as a chance for elderly relatives who are unable to come out at night or handle large crowds to see the show. These dress rehearsals do not serve as a way to get a sneak peek or another viewing of the show. The rehearsals will begin at 12:30pm. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.



Ticket Orders: We are sold out of tickets for Tuesday and Wednesday. We are asking that anyone who is not using all of their tickets to please drop them off at the main office. If there is any issue with tickets at this point please let us know first thing in the morning on Monday so that we may try and handle them.


Dress Attire:

Kindergarten are asked to dress up with a Christmas flair.


1st Grade will be dressed as Deer. Please wear anything brown. Brown shirts, pants, leggings, dresses, skirts, vests, etc. We will provide antlers. If your child is wearing a dress or skirt, please make sure they are wearing leggings/stockings.


2nd Grade will be dressed as Snowflakes. Please wear anything white and silver. Please feel free to get festive, white furry jackets, sparkly leggings, sparkly silver bow tie, white sweater etc. If you do not have white or silver/grey shoes, black are fine.


3rd Grade will be dressed as the Nativity. Any questions please ask Ms. Farragher & Ms. Killian about specifics.


4th Grade will be dressed as Carolers. Please wear anything festive but including outwear- a sweater, jacket, vest, hat, scarf, mittens, gloves, earmuffs etc.


5th Grade will be dressed as Country Christmas. Please wear something festive and country inspired. Christmas plaid, boots, jeans, overalls, denim skirts, etc.


6th Grade will be dressed as 1980s Christmas. Please wear something festive but with an 80s flair. Big hair, side ponytails, Christmas patterned leggings, leg warmers, maybe some fun sunglasses, funny sweaters, aviator jackets, sweat bands, track suits etc.


7th Grade will be dressed as College kids. Please wear jeans and nice Christmas sweater.


8th Grade have a few different roles. They should follow their individual instructions



Coming and Going on Show Nights: The children have been practicing for many weeks and they are expected to be present for the show on the night their class is performing. Students who are in the play should arrive no earlier than 6:00pm and should enter the CYO entrance. They will be directed to their rooms from there. Members of the audience will enter through the main door.


For safety reasons, every child in Grade 1-8 in the show must remain in school with his/her class until the play is over. Please do not ask for your child to be dismissed early. Thanks in advance for your cooperation with this matter.


Following are instructions for the children to follow at the end of the show. When the show is over, the older children in each family should get their coats and go to the classroom of the youngest sibling. We will ask that one parent go to the youngest child’s classroom to pick up the children. Further instructions will be explained at the end of each show.



 Absent on Day of Christmas Show: Please understand that if your child is ill during the day of their Christmas Show, he or she should not be sent into school at night for the show. With Christmas and break around the corner, we would like to try our best for students to not spread more germs than necessary. It’s okay to miss the show if they are sick. 


Special Kindergarten Instructions:

  1. The shows will begin at 6:30pm.  Children are asked to be at school at 6:00pm.  You may drop your child off at the small hall.  Parents should then proceed to the main entrance.  The doors will not open before 6:00pm, so please do not come early.


  1. After the performance, you are asked to pick up your child outside the Pre-K classrooms (1st floor).  Please wait until instructed to pick up your child. In order to keep the show running smoothly, it is necessary for you to exit the building using the main entrance doors. You may either leave at that time or return to the gym to watch the other classes perform using the main entrance.  You must have already purchases a ticket to the show in order to enter the auditorium.


  1. Please be aware that you may not be able to exit the parking lot if you wish to leave after the Kindergarten/Band performs in the show.  The parking lot gets very crowded on the nights of the Christmas show so, if you cannot stay until the show is over, you should try to find parking on the street in the area of the school.