Attendance Policy

Please use the TempTracker App to report temperature and answer the screening questions each day. 

There is a high correlation between academic success and school attendance. Prompt, regular attendance has a marked influence on student achievement. Parents are encouraged to schedule vacation days in accordance with the school calendar. However due to COVID-19, when a child is not feeling well they are asked to stay home.  

Please make sure your child arrives to school during their scheduled time.  

When a child is absent:

  • A parent/guardian must call the school, email the office between 7:45am and 9:00am at 1.718.634.2775 to report the absence. Families can also use the school website to report an absence using the Goggle Form under “Report an absence”
  • It is the responsibility of the child to make up assignments, projects and tests missed during any absence.  Homework and class materials should be sent home with the child’s homework buddy or another sibling. If this is not possible the work can be requested to be sent down to the office for pick up between 2:30pm and 3:15pm.  All work must be completed upon the student’s return.  
  • New York State Education law requires a written note to be submitted to the school via the homeroom teacher upon return.  Please use the school form distributed at the beginning of the school year to record the dates and reason for the absence.  Please note that an unexcused absence will be recorded as illegal on school records.
  • For three or more consecutive days a doctor’s note is required.


When a child is late it becomes a bad way to start the day for the child and a disruption to the teacher and other students in the class.   Some of the consequences for chronic lateness will be; privileges being revoked, detention and mandatory parent conference. Please refer to the Family-Student Handbook for more information.

It is important that children attend school and arrive on time daily.  Time on learning matters and makes a significant difference in student learning and social-emotional development.  As you can imagine, multiple absences and tardiness create significant learning gaps, making it increasingly difficult for a child to keep up with the class routines and curriculum.  This link clearly outlines how absences and tardiness adds up.

Here are a few practical tips to help support regular attendance:

  • Make sure your child(ren) keep a regular bedtime and morning routine.
  • Layout clothes and pack backpacks the night before school.
  • Ensure your children go to school every day unless they are truly sick.
  • Avoid scheduling vacations or doctor’s appointments when school is in session.
  • Talk to teachers, counselors, or school administration for advice if your child(ren) feels anxious about going to school.



Families are encouraged to schedule vacation days in accordance with the school calendar. This includes leaving early on a school day. Please note that vacations are illegal absences. It is the responsibility of the child to make up assignments, projects and tests missed during any absence due to a vacation.  


Leaving School During the Day

Physician and dentist appointments should be made outside of school hours.  It is recommended that parents take advantage of the noon dismissal time on various days throughout the school year.  If a doctor’s appointment is necessary, all assigned work missed during the absence must be satisfactorily completed by the next day.  At the Junior High level, the student is responsible for seeing each teacher about work missed.


The following procedures must be observed if a student is to leave during the day:

  1. A note dated with the student’s full name must be sent to the homeroom teacher in advance.
  2. No student will be permitted to leave the school alone.  An authorized adult must come to the office and sign out the child. 
  3. The child will be sent down to the office at the asked time. The adult must accompany the student off the school grounds.
  4. Upon returning, the adult must sign the student back in the office. 
  5. If possible students should be signed out at lunch time as it is less distributive than class time.


Dismissal Procedures

For the safety of the children, each student is assigned to a specific place to be at dismissal.  Students may not arbitrarily leave with a different teacher, or on a different line.  If a student normally takes a bus home, but the parent intends to pick him/her up one day, a note from the parent must be sent to the office that morning.

In other words, any changes from the regular dismissal procedures should be addressed in a note to the school office the morning of the change so that the homeroom teacher is aware of the change ahead of time.