Please note for the 2019-2020 school year

Registration for Nursery will begin on January 7th 2019

Please call the school office at 718-634-2775 to be placed on our Pre-K and Kindergarten waiting list

Registration for Grades 1-8 will begin on January 28th 2019

St. Francis welcomes you to our community. We hope to make the enrollment process as easy as possible for both students and parents, and are available to answer all of your questions. To find out more about our school enrollment deadlines, please contact us.

Admission Policy as of 12/18/18
Students registering for Grades 1 to 8 will be accepted only if their previous academic and conduct records are satisfactory. Nursery, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten registration is due early so the school can plan effectively for the upcoming school year. Parents are encouraged to submit their registration as soon as possible to avoid delays.

New Student Registration Steps
Our new student registration process allows us to identify the educational needs of your child/ children. We look forward to creating an educational partnership with you for the years to come.

Step 1 – Inquire.
Contact the main office  at 718-634-2775 or fill out the Online Inquiry Form

Step 2 – Plan your visit.
The first visit is a tour of the school, followed by an opportunity to meet with the principal. Please note for the safety of our students all tours are given after school. 

Step 3 – Meet with the principal.
Christopher Scharbach, academy principal, will answer any questions that you have about curriculum and programs, while having the opportunity to ask questions as well. We use all relevant and available data to make a thoughtful and thorough placement decision that will be in the best interest of your child and his/her needs.

Step 4 – Completion of the application
SFDS Registration Form for the 2019-2020 School Year

1) a recent writing sample (Grades 2-8)
2) at least two years of academic records
3) standardized test scores if applicable (Terranovas, NYS Exam, etc.)
4) a copy of an IESP/IEP/504 if applicable.

All new students if accepted are accepted on a probational basis.

Choosing a school is a great challenge with so many offerings. It is our hope that whatever your final choice is, that you are happy and your children are successful.

For more information, please call 718-634-2775 or visit the office during school hours between 8AM and 3PM. During the summer please call the school for modified office hours.