Art Gallery


A Tale of Two Trees:

1st Grade artists created circle leaves inspired by the Russian abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky. We learned that abstract art consists of colors, lines and shapes. Each student drew and cut out circles that fit in each other on each piece of construction paper and glued them together to resemble Kandinsky’s concentric circle paintings.

2nd Grade artists created their leaves with the process of bleeding tissue paper and water. We sprayed their watercolor paper with water and they arranged pieces of bleeding tissue paper like a collage and watched the colors run and blend together. The result was beautiful tye-dye effect with autumn colors. Then they traced leaf stencils and cut out their creations.







Kindergarten artists creating their ISH pictures, inspired by the book by Peter H. Reynolds that tells us we don’t have to be perfect drawers to be great artists!

Pre-KA artists learn about the shapes with the book, The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds!


Pre-KB artists learn about the primary and secondary colors with our favorite book, Monsters Love Colors!

SFDS Artists started the year by illustrating, or explaining with images, one of the phrases in the poem “HOW TO BE AN ARTIST!




We have a little summer entertainment for our St. Francis de Sales family!

Ms. Mangano and Class 2A and 2B finished up their mini-films over the last week of school, and they are fresh out of post-production! Do not miss out on these awesome interpretations of Miss Nelson is Missing and Miss Nelson is Back“!


Twenty-five 7th Grade artists from SFDS volunteer their time to make Rockaway more beautiful by participating in the BLVD Project, a community mural on 108th and Rockaway Beach Boulevard!

Small Hall Spring Display

Paper Plate Watercolor Flowers created by 7th and 8th Grades


Pop- Art Tulips created by 5th, 6th and 7th Grade

Poem design by Mairead Buckley, Sophia Carone and Kathleen Schmitt

Fork Grass painted by Kindergarten

Happy Birds created by 4a

SFDS Art Showcase

I was so proud to see the gym filled with the art you all have been working on and even more excited to see so much of the SFDS community come out to support your creations. A very special thanks to everyone who helped me set up and break down the gallery. What a wonderful night! -Ms. Mangano


3rd grade creating their own versions of a Vincent Van Gogh Sunflower Still Life with marker and watercolor paint.

Sunset Silhouettes created by the 6th, 7th and 8th grades.


Ms. Killian’s 4A?class create Celtic Crosses.


1st, 2nd and 3rd Grades assembled these “I am Lucky” four leaf clovers to celebrate why we are all grateful this St. Patrick’s Day.



The Elements of Art: SPACE

The 3rd and 4th grades learn how to create the illusion of depth in their art with size and overlapping.


Thank you Mrs. Sullivan for hanging 3A’s beautiful artwork in the hallway!!

For RESPECT Week, the St. Francis de Sales 1st?Graders?create self-portraits with a bad case of stripes!


Do you want to build a snowman with the 4th grade?

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The St. Francis de Sales?2nd Graders?create Pablo Picasso inspired portraits!


The St. Francis de Sales?1st Graders?create Paul Klee inspired skylines with warm and cool colors!


The St. Francis de Sales?1st Graders learning about artist Henri Matisse!

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SFDS Christmas Play!

“St. Francis de Sales Through the Seasons”

Winter?Art Display



Poem design?by Katie Martin and Siobhan Twomey


Bleeding Tissue Paper Snowflakes created by 4th, 5th and 6th grades


Paper & Oil Pastel Snowmen created by 2nd and 3rd grades


Autumn?Art Display


Tree trunk created by Emma Murray


Poem design?by Katie Martin and Siobhan Twomey



Watercolor Prism Leaves created by 8th and 7th grades


Magazine Collage Leaves created by 4th grade


Relief Painting Leaves created by 1st grade


Music Sheet Leaves created by 6th and 5th grades

The St. Francis de Sales Artists working on some Halloween inspired creations!


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img_0259 img_0256 img_0257 img_0258


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Check out some of our art projects!!


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img_0175 img_0176 img_0177 img_0179


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