Homework Class 2C 5/23-5/27

Welcome to another wonderful week of learning in 2C!    Thanks for all your support. Please pray together daily and attend mass on Sunday.

Reminders:  Please be sure that your child has 5 sharpened pencils each day and a book to read.  If possible, please send in the $20.00 supply fee requested on September’s supplies list. Thanks    Mrs. D


Monday: Gym

Tuesday: Art  (even months)

Wednesday: Stem

Thursday: Spanish and Art 

Friday: Mass


1) Khan Academy  ( put put in topic and grade)

 2) Math Antics   (YOUTUBE- put in topic and grade)

Homework and Announcements:

Please be sure that your child comes to school with the following:1)  5 sharpened pencils 2) a book to read 3) Homework assignments 4) a  snack, drink and snack 5) crayons and markers  6) Ruler 

Weekly update:

Blue and Gold day on Wed. 

Problem of the Week due 5/25

Spelling Test 5/27

Monument/Symbol project due 5/24

Religion Test 5/27

Spelling Words:  Lesson 28 in packet.

Monday, May 23

Read-20 minutes

FUNdations-Please complete week 2 Monday dictation

Spelling-write each word three times each

Math –  TBA  POW DUE 5/25 and Chapter 11 Lesson 1 H.W pages

Monument/Symbol  project due


Tuesday, May 24

Read -20 minutes

FUNdations- week 2 work Tuesday dictation

Spelling- sentences 1-10

Math- Lesson 2 H.W. pages   POW DUE 5/25  

Wednesday, May 25

Read 20 minutes

FUNdations-Week 2 Wed. dictation

Spelling- ABC order

Math- Chapter 11 Lesson 3 H.W homework

Thursday, May 26

Read 20 minutes

Spelling Test

Religion Test

Next Week: 

POW due Wed. 6/2

Have a nice weekend!!