2022-2023 School Year Resources (Supply Lists, Summer Assignments and More)

Summer Assignments and Supply Lists



Nursery and Pre-K Information Night Presentation– June 6th, 2022


Kindergarten Information Night Presentation – June 13th, 2022

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Supply Lists on Amazon

Click below and you will find almost everything on your child’s supply list with some exceptions (ie. Bookbags) that you can order all or some of the supplies needed for next school year. Please refer to the supply list above to make sure your order all items needed for September. 




Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

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i-Ready (Returning Students)- Doing i-Ready once a week in math and ELA is highly recommended for all students going into Grades 1-8.

During the month of June, your child’s i-Ready results from the 2022 Spring Diagnostic Assessment were shared with you. 

i-Ready diagnostic assessments are computer-based assessments that adjust to each child’s mathematics and reading ability levels.  If your child took an i-Ready diagnostic assessment this school year, this end-of-year check will start with content based on those prior results and adapt from there.  As your child answers each question, the test adapts based upon your child’s responses.  The questions become easier if the answers are incorrect and get more challenging as correct answers are provided.  Students will see challenging questions.  By finding what students can do, and not do yet, the system is able to provide a more accurate description of your child’s instructional level. This type of assessment individualizes every testing experience so that it more accurately measures your child’s ability.  

The assessment data is to help understand where your child is in relation to grade-level standards, provide for practice and assignments at your child’s academic level, and monitor academic growth this school year. 

i-Ready will remain available to students through Mid-August.  Students and families can decide if they would like to continue to use the MyPath lessons in i-Ready this summer. 

If you choose to continue to use i-Ready in the summer the recommendation is for students to complete up to one lesson per week in reading and/or math again this summer work is highly recommended to be done.

In August of 2022, the school needs to roll over the i-Ready system and roster students for the upcoming school year.  At this time, students will no longer be able to log in.  This is a function of the system as we set up rosters for the next academic year.  Once the school year begins and the fall diagnostic assessment is administered each student’s MyPath will be re-established.

Summer Reading Program – NY State Senate Reading Program


After School Program (Grades Pre- K-6)

We are happy to announce that starting September of 2022 the After School Program will be back up and running. The goal of the After School Program is to provide a safe, nurturing, fun environment for your children who need care after the regular school day. On most days the program will include time for play, snacks, homework help, and an activity for the day (arts & crafts, board games, etc.).

It will be in session Monday through Thursday on most days when school is in session and will be staffed by members of the faculty assisted by 6th, 7th & 8th Grade students. Children in Grades PreK-6 may attend. After school is not in session on 1/2 day dismissals. 


After School Handbook

After School Information for 2022-2023

After School Registration Form for 2022-2023


Arrival and Dismissal Procedures


First Week of School Schedule (Coming Soon)

It is important that children attend school and arrive on time daily.  Time on learning matters and makes a significant difference in student learning and social-emotional development.  As you can imagine, multiple absences and tardiness create significant learning gaps, making it increasingly difficult for a child to keep up with the class routines and curriculum.  This link clearly outlines how absences and tardiness adds up.

Here are a few practical tips to help support regular attendance:

  • Make sure your child(ren) keep a regular bedtime and morning routine.
  • Layout clothes and pack backpacks the night before school.
  • Ensure your children go to school every day unless they are truly sick.
  • Avoid scheduling vacations or doctor’s appointments when school is in session.
  • Talk to teachers, counselors, or school administration for advice if your child(ren) feels anxious about going to school.


Early Morning Drop Off

Early Morning Drop-off Program- 7:00 am-7:40 am (Pre-K through Grade 8)

Presently the school building opens each day at 7:40 am for Grades K-8 and 7:45 am for Pre-K.

The school day for all Grades Pre-K- 8th Grade begins at 7:55 am.

Overview: Students who participate in the program can socialize, read, or eat breakfast (provided from home) under the supervision of one of our moderators

Location: Father Reddy Hall (Small Hall)

Time: Each school morning from 7:00-7:40 AM Please do not send children before 7:00 AM as there will be no supervision.

Cost: $5 for one child$8 for two children$10 for three or more children

Payment: Your family will be charged biweekly in your FACTS account. We expect all families to keep up with their payments. Failure to do so will result in forfeiting the use of this service.  If you would like to send your child to the Early Morning Program, please fill out the attached registration form and return it to the Front Office no later than Wednesday, September 15th.

Early Morning Drop Off Program


Immunization Information

2022-2023 New York State Immunization Schedule

New York City Immunization Requirements, Letter, and Chart

As of June 13, 2019, public, private and parochial schools and child care programs in New York can no longer accept requests for religious exemptions from school immunization requirements. This law applies to students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade and to all child care settings. Schools and child care programs will continue to accept medical exemptions. 

Medical Exemptions: The Immunization Medical Exemption Form from the DOH must be used when parents are requiring a medical exemption.

This Medical Exemption Form must be given to the nurse upon receipt from the parents.

Medical Forms 2022-2023 School Year


New York State Law requires that each child entering school in September in Nursery, Pre-K, and Kindergarten must have the following:

  • A complete physical examination
  • Complete immunization

In order for your child to be in full compliance, a complete physical examination form, with immunizations, must be submitted to the school.

Completed medical forms must be returned on or before September 7, 2022.

Please return all forms and immunizations to the school office.  If you have any questions you can reach the school nurse at 718-474-4276.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Allergy/Anaphylaxis Medical Administration Form

Asthma Medical Administration Form

Diabetes Medication Administration Form

General Medication Administration Form

Seizure Medical Administration Form

Request for Medically Prescribed Treatment (Non-medication) 

Meningococcal Requirement Letter (Grade 7)

Physical Form

Tdap Requirement Letter (Grade 6)


State of the Academy

2022 State of Academy Presentation


Summer Postcards

While we are away from school during the summer we would love for the students to share their travels and new discoveries with us.  As your family visits new places, send the school a postcard to share your experiences!  This will give the students a fun opportunity to work on their writing skills over the summer.  When we return back to school in September, your postcards will be displayed in the school.  We look forward to hearing from you over the summer!

Please mail postcards to:

St. Francis de Sales Catholic Academy

219 Beach 129th Street

Belle Harbor, NY  11694



By choosing to send your child to St. Francis de Sales Catholic Academy, you are choosing to meet the tuition payments.  All tuition is paid via the FACTS Family Portal. There is a fee of $30 for any checks returned for insufficient funds.

Catholic Affiliation
Every Catholic family must be “affiliated” with their home parish to receive the Catholic-affiliated tuition rate. In order to be considered “affiliated” with your home parish, a Catholic family must be registered with the parish, participate in the worship and life of their parish on a regular basis and financially support the parish. The affiliation will be verified with the local parishes to determine whether a family is eligible for Catholic-affiliated tuition.

Graduation Fee, Grade 8

$275 per student- due on April 24th 2023

Re-Registration Fee, all grades
$200 per student – due at re-registration in January 2023

Regents Fee- Grade 8 Regents Class

$50- due by March 1st 2023


One of our primary goals at St. Francis de Sales Catholic Academy is to concentrate our efforts on improving the business side of our school. By taking advantage of the security and convenience of payment processing and information technology offered by FACTS, we remain committed to this goal. Tuition payments for the 2022-2023 school year can be paid online, by phone, or by mail. You may also sign up for autopay as well. Only in an emergency will payment be accepted in the school building and/or rectory.

For those families that have an Invoice Payment Plan, each month, 20 days before your payment due date, FACTS will send you an email or mail invoice letting you know that your invoice is ready.  If you want to mail in a payment, you will need to log into their FACTS account and click on the Actions button and choose the Mail-In a Payment link.

You should receive an invite to set up a payment plan from FACTS in June of 2022. If you do not receive this invite please email Mrs. Marguerite Kazalski at mkazalski@stfrancisschoolbh.net


Uniform Information

Uniform Policy

St. Francis de Sales Flynn and O’Hara Landing Page



For the safety and well being of each and every child in our school, all volunteers must go through the following process:
1) Read and sign a code of conduct
2) Have a background check
3) Take part in the VIRTUS program. (Register at virtusonline.org. Download the registration guide.)

After completing the VIRTUS Program we ask that you please bring to the office a copy of your certificate for us to keep track of in our database. We hope that this is not an inconvenience for anyone, but we need to be sure that all adults who interact with students are in compliance.


Yellow Bus Information

Please fill out the following form if you are a parent of a new student, a returning Kindergarten student, or a student who needs to take the NYC Yellow Bus for the first time next school year.

Bus Request Form for the 2022-2023 School Year

Please note to help make sure that your child starts bussing on 9/12 all requests need to be in no later than Friday 8/12.

All bussing questions can be directed to Mrs. Kenny at ckenny@stfrancisschoolbh.net