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Art Supply List (Grades K-8)

Art Supply List


Summer Reading Program – NY State Senate Reading Program


i-Ready (Returning Students)- Doing i-Ready once a week in math and ELA is highly recommended for all students going into Grades 1-8.

During the month of June, your child’s i-Ready results from the 2021 Spring Diagnostic Assessment were shared with you. 

i-Ready diagnostic assessments are computer-based assessments that adjust to each child’s mathematics and reading ability levels.  If your child took an i-Ready diagnostic assessment this school year, this end-of-year check will start with content based on those prior results and adapt from there.  As your child answers each question, the test adapts based upon your child’s responses.  The questions become easier if the answers are incorrect and get more challenging as correct answers are provided.  Students will see challenging questions.  By finding what students can do, and not do yet, the system is able to provide a more accurate description of your child’s instructional level. This type of assessment individualizes every testing experience so that it more accurately measures your child’s ability.  

The assessment data is to help understand where your child is in relation to grade-level standards, provide for practice and assignments at your child’s academic level, and monitor academic growth this school year. 

i-Ready will remain available to students through August 20th, 2021.  Students and families can decide if they would like to continue to use the MyPath lessons in i-Ready this summer. 

If you choose to continue to use i-Ready in the summer the recommendation is for students to complete up to one lesson per week in reading and/or math again this summer work is highly recommended to be done.

In August of 2021, the school needs to roll over the i-Ready system and roster students for the upcoming school year.  At this time, students will no longer be able to log in.  This is a function of the system as we set up rosters for the next academic year.  Once the school year begins and the fall diagnostic assessment is administered each student’s MyPath will be re-established.