Homework Week of December 2, 2019
Fundations Trick Words: see Unit 6 packet
Sight Words: be, of, could, old, horse, paper
Please remember all tests must be returned to school the next day signed.
Reading logs
Math p233-234
Reading– Book Report on Fables (See Sheet)
Math p239-240
Comprehension Sheet due Wednesday
Wednesday (Report card Conferences)
Reading logs
Math p245-246
Reading logs
Math p247-250 Prepare for a test next Tuesday on Chapter 4
Friday (Report card Conferences)


In ELA we will begin Module 2 in Wit and Wisdom. The first concentration is on Fables. A fable is a short story that is usually about animals and it teaches us a lesson. We will be reading 2 fables on Monday– The Ants and the Grasshopper and also The Hare and Tortoise.
Ask your child what fables they read in school today and what was the lesson it taught. See how much they can tell you!! On Tuesday you will receive a class list with the name of a fable next to your child’s name and an activity for your child to go along with it!! Looking forward to reading fables this week!
In Religion we continue talking about Advent. We will light our first Advent candle. The priests will be over this week to bless our wreaths! Please remember to got to Mass each Sunday as we get our hearts ready for the birth of Jesus.
In Math we will continue working in Chapter 4 on our Subtraction strategies. While doing homework ask your child what strategy they are going to use to solve the problems. Some might use a # line. Some might put the biggest number in their head and count back. Let them verbalize so you know what strategy they would use in class and also on tests. When working on a word problem do the same. Please do not tell them how to solve it but instead ask them how they are going to figure it out. Are we adding or subtracting? What words told you to choose that operation? What is the problem asking? Questions such as these are very important. It’s not so much the correct answer but the ability to know how you are going to arrive at that answer.
Please remember this Tuesday we will sending home report cards. Most of you have signed up for conferences for either Wednesday or Friday. If you missed the online sign up and would still like to meet just drop me a note and we’ll set up a time on either of those two days.